Kristen Doute From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Pleads for Help After Her Dog Is Attacked

Kristen Doute from Vanderpump Rules just had a terrifying experience with her beloved dog and is hoping the public can help.

Doute’s trainer recently took her pup to frolic at a dog park. Her dog Gibson is a sweet Yorkie that Doute often features on the show and on her Instagram. Doute and the entire cast of Vanderpump Rules are huge dog lovers. They support their boss Lisa Vanderpump’s rescue Vanderpump Dogs. Plus most of the cast members have a number of dogs, which seem to be the loves of their lives.

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Doute was devastated when she learned Gibson was viciously attacked at a local dog park. But then became furious when she discovered the dog’s owner skated out without taking responsibility. Now she’s pleading with social media followers to help her locate the person responsible.

This is what occurred

Doute wrote on Twitter that her pup was attacked by a larger dog at the Barrington Park in West, L.A. “Gibson just got bit by a pit bull at Barrington Park in West LA. If your dog requires a muzzle KEEP THE F**KING MUZZLE ON THEM AND DO NOT LET THEM OFF LEASH. I am disgusted by this owner who also gave our trainer a fake number. We know who you are and you are done.”

She then posted the owner’s name, hoping someone would recognize it and help her. Unfortunately, some social media followers decided to shame Doute instead of being helpful. “Why would you allow a Yorkie to play at a dog park with larger dogs? Very irresponsible,” one person wrote.

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Doute pushed back. She wrote that Gibson is used to playing with larger dogs. She also posted a picture of the smaller dogs posing happily with some larger breeds. “He plays with big, WELL TRAINED DOGS all of the time. Stfu with your bullshit wannabe dog knowledge. Our trainers are the BEST. It’s the owner of the pitbull’s fault.”

Gibson is receiving medical treatment

Gibson is currently in the hospital. Doute also posted an image of an X-ray taken of her sweet pup’s neck, showing the puncture marks. Aside from the horrible emotional toll, veterinary bills can be a huge financial burden on any pet owner.

According to Los Angeles Dog Park Rules, “In the event of dog bite or injury, owner/guardian must exchange current tag information and phone number.” Unfortunately, according to Doute, her trainer was given a false phone number, which means she could be on the hook for any expenses caused by the other dog.

Of course, in the meantime Doute has to deal with the worry and upset regarding Gibson’s recovery. Also, it appears the Gibson was being cared for by Doute’s trainer while she was out of town celebrating her birthday. She’s now on an airplane home to comfort him.

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