Kristen Stewart Fought With This ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Over Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson skyrocketed to fame in 2008 with the release of the first Twilight film. Fans around the world could not get enough of their on-screen romance and things reached new levels of crazy when they started dating in real life. While their relationship did not stand the test of time, there were rumors that Stewart fought one of her co-stars over her rumored romance with Pattinson.

Twilight Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart
‘Twilight’ co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart | Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Did Kristen Stewart fight for Robert Pattinson’s love?

Given the popularity of the Twilight movies, most of the cast members found themselves in the middle of a salacious rumor at some point.  For Pattinson and Stewart, those rumors were much more frequent. Even the timeline of their romance came under scrutiny once they went public.

The two were first spotted in public together in 2009, a year after the first Twilight movie premiered in theaters. This is around the same time that Stewart ended her relationship with Michael Angarano, sparking rumors that Pattinson was the one responsible for the breakup.

There is no telling if the reports are true, but they are hardly the only rumors Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have faced over the years.

According to Refinery 29, the pair also dealt with rumors about how Stewart fought with Nikki Reed over Pattinson. The reports claimed that Stewart was jealous after hearing rumors that Reed and Pattinson had a thing.

As it turns out, these rumors are unlikely to be true. For starters, Reed and Stewart were good friends during their Twilight years, so it doesn’t make sense that Kristen Stewart was angry about Reed’s alleged history with Pattinson.

Reed has also since shut down the rumors that she dated Robert Pattinson, stating that they were never romantically involved. Although there may be an outside chance that the rumors were true, it’s safe to say this one is busted.

How did FKA Twigs react to Pattinson’s exes?

Although nothing ever happened between Pattinson and Reed, the actor’s former fiancée, FKA Twigs, reportedly wanted nothing to do with his Twilight co-stars.  Back in 2015, inside sources claimed that Twigs did not want Pattinson to invite any of his former co-stars to their wedding — including Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed.

It should be noted that the rumors were never confirmed and that the pair ultimately parted ways before they walked down the aisle.

Pattinson and Reed were good friends at one point in time, though they appeared to grow apart once Stewart came onto the scene.  Once again, sources claim that Stewart is the reason Pattinson and Reed stopped being friends, though the two have never commented on the reports.

What’s funny is that Reed later came out and revealed that she is a huge fan of Twigs. The actress, who is now married to Ian Somerhalder, listens to Twigs’ music all the time and believes she is amazing at what she does.

What are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart up to now?

It’s been several years since Pattinson and Stewart worked together on the Twilight movies and they have both remained very busy in Hollywood.  Stewart is currently gearing up for the premiere of two movies this year, Charlie’s Angels and Seberg. The first of which is due out in November while the second is set to open in December.

Next year, fans can watch Kristen Stewart in the thriller Underwater and in the romantic comedy Happiest Season.

Pattinson has remained equally busy. He recently enjoyed the premiere of his project with Johnny Depp titled Waiting for the Barbarians, and is now getting Oscar buzz for his horror flick with Willem Dafoe called The Lighthouse.

The Twilight alum has also been making headlines after landing the part as the next Batman. The actor is starring in the Matt Reeves’ film as a younger version of the caped crusader.

Pattinson took the mantle from Ben Affleck, who stepped away from the project earlier this year.

The Batman is scheduled to premiere in theaters in the summer of 2021. Production on the movie is expected to begin sometime in the coming months.

Kristen Stewart praised the casting of her former flame as Batman, she is also gearing up to host Saturday Night Live on Saturday, November 2.