Kristian Haggerty Seems to Be Dating another Reality TV Star Post Demi Burnett

It wasn’t too long ago that Bachelor Nation fell in love with Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty on Bachelor in Paradise. The franchise’s first lesbian couple, they were an inspiration to many. Even though Haggerty was not an alum of The Bachelor, most of Bachelor Nation was charmed by her loving spirit in spite of that. Ultimately, Haggerty and Burnett deepened their connection on the beach and left Paradise engaged and ready to start their lives together.

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty at the Bachelor in Paradise finale
Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty split

Unfortunately for fans of the Bachelor in Paradise couple, the engagement was extremely short-lived. On October 31, 2019, just a few months after Burnett proposed to Haggerty, the pair called off their engagement. Citing that they had to do what was best for them, they decided to go their separate ways. Though some critics accused them of faking their relationship as a publicity stunt, both Haggerty and Burnett denied those claims. Furthermore, they seemed to be supportive of each other even after the split.

Haggerty is dating someone new

Though the split seemed challenging for both parties, Haggerty seems to have moved on from her split with Burnett. In fact, it appears as if she is dating someone new. That person is none other than Taylor Blake. Blake is an aspiring singer and actress and a recent reality TV star. Most recently, Blake appeared on the second season of The Reality House. Blake and Haggerty seem to share mutual friends including Catherine Agro. Agro was on the same season of The Bachelor as Burnett and was the person who introduced Haggerty to Burnett.

Recently, Haggerty helped to celebrate Blake’s 27th birthday. She also penned a sweet message to the singer and shared two pictures of the celebration. “To say I’m thankful for you would be an understatement. There are no words to express how deeply you have touched my soul throughout the years I’ve known you, especially these past few months. You are one of the most genuine, loyal, caring & loving people I have ever met. Thank you for pouring so much love & light into my life & to lives around you. Your love is so powerful. Your love has helped me in more ways than you know. Cheers to you, T & the beautiful person you are. Happy birthday my love,” Haggerty wrote.

Kristian Haggerty and Taylor Blake show each other love on Instagram

Immediately, Bachelor in Paradise fans began speculating that Haggerty was now with Blake following her split from Burnett. “We know yall are together 😁❤,” one fan wrote. “I literally knew it, 💀” another co-signed. Blake deepened suspicions when she penned a sweet message back to Haggerty. “Thank you for the most amazing birthday I’ve ever had❤️ I’m so soft for you 🥺 I hope you know the incredible impact you’ve had on me. You’ve shown me nothing but the purest form of love and support, and for that, I am beyond thankful. You have the most beautiful heart I’ve ever experienced. I love you, more, always sweet girl, ❤️,” the 27-year-old singer confessed.

But, the lovefest didn’t stop there. Blake also shared photos of her special day, including two pictures of just her and Haggerty. In one picture, Haggerty kisses Blake’s cheek sweetly. She also shared her gratitude for the people who support her in the caption of her photos. Seeing the caption, Haggerty penned yet another sweet message to the singer. “You have blessed our lives, T. So glad you had such an amazing birthday. This is going to be the best year yet and I’m proud to be next to you ❤️ cheers to you love! I love you sm, 🥰” the Florida native wrote.

A new age of love

Once again, Blake responded in kind. “@kristianhaggerty Thank you for all that you are, I love you, ❤️ ” she wrote back. It seems that the pair truly is an official couple. A fan of Blake’s even asked her where her girlfriend was (presumably referring to her ex) “Where’s your girl,” the fan questioned. “She’s in the photo, :)” Blake wrote back, likely referring to Haggerty. It seems like love is truly in the air for Haggerty once more. We wish her all the best on her latest journey to find true love.