Kristin Cavallari Is Going ‘Stir-Crazy’ Due to Divorce and Quarantine

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been challenging for many people, including a number of celebrities. For Kristin Cavallari, living amid a pandemic has come with even more difficulties considering the fact that she is going through a divorce as well.

Cavallari recently had a livestream on Instagram, where she gave fans updates on her life. The reality star admitted that she has been going “stir-crazy” at home with her children right now. Read on below to learn more about Cavallari’s current living situation and how she has been handling everything.

Kristin Cavallari
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Kristin Cavallari filed for divorce from Jay Cutler in April

Cavallari tied the knot with football star Jay Cutler in June 2013. The couple, then, welcomed three children into their lives: Camden (b. 2012), Jaxon (b. 2014), and Saylor (b. 2015).

However, in April 2020, it was revealed that Cavallari and Cutler had filed for divorce. In an official announcement, Cavallari shared that they were simply “growing apart,” though they still had “nothing but love and respect for one another.”

Meanwhile, a source told People that Cavallari and Cutler are currently “in different places” in their lives.

“She has so much on her plate, with her brands and with the show. Jay is not as interested in all of that,” the insider said. “She’s so passionate about her work and they couldn’t relate to each other as much. So it pulled them apart.”

Kristin Cavallari has been living at a friend’s house

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When Cavallari and Cutler decided to separate in early April, they were in the Bahamas. According to Cavallari’s recent Instagram Live session, she has not returned to their home in Nashville at all ever since coming back to the United States. Rather, she and her three kids have been living with her friend, Justin Anderson.

“[Justin and I] been together for the entire quarantine time, literally from day 1,” Cavallari said.

Kristin Cavallari says she and her kids have been going ‘stir-crazy’ during the quarantine

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Cavallari shared that her home routine has also changed a lot thanks to the pandemic. The 33-year-old mom revealed that she used to wake up at 5 A.M. every day, but she has not “set an alarm since all of this has been going on.

It has also been challenging to tackle homeschooling for her children. Cavallari said: “I will tell you, the no school thing is tough. With the boys, Jaxon will not listen to me. He refuses to do work. I’m like, ‘I can’t fight with you about doing schoolwork.’ It’s too hard.”

However, because her two sons are only 6 and 7 years old, Cavallari does not think that it is a big deal that they cannot always get their work done.

In any case, Cavallari also shared with fans that she has been trying to come up with different activities for her kids since they cannot leave the house. She noted that she has “maxed out every creative idea” and that “everyone’s going a little stir crazy because we really can’t go anywhere.”