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Kristin Cavallari is a reality TV star who rose to fame on MTV’s Laguna Beach and, later, The Hills. These days, she is also a cookbook author with two books under her name already.

While Cavallari promotes healthy eating habits to fans, she also diets from time to time. In fact, instead of following one specific diet, her dieting trick involves combining two trends.

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Kristin Cavallari used to have an unhealthy view of food

When Cavallari was younger, she had an unhealthy view of food.

As she shared in her 2016 memoir Balancing In Heels (via Delish), “As early as high school, I thought that depriving myself of certain foods (sweets and carbs) and limiting calories would result in the body of my dreams.”

Cavallari even restricted herself to eating only 1,800 calories a day. She would do this for five days a week and binged on the weekend.

However, when Cavallari got pregnant, she realized she had to change her eating habits. Instead of focusing on calories, she learned to eat healthier by looking for food with good ingredients.

What does Kristin Cavallari eat every day?

As Cavallari shared with Women’s Health and Insider, she tries to eat balanced meals throughout the day. 

Cavallari often starts her morning with oats or a smoothie. She also has a chicken coop at home, so egg dishes are a staple in her household as well.

For lunch, Cavallari usually eats a salad with lots of veggies. She might also incorporate leftovers into her meals.

When dinner time rolls around, Cavallari and her kids often eat hearty dishes such as lasagna or enchilada. The family incorporates a lot of protein and vegetables into their meals.

Cavallari also snacks throughout the day. She enjoys kale chips, apple with nut butter, trail mix, and dark chocolate.

When it comes to dessert, Cavallari makes baked goods. However, she tries to avoid dairy and gluten. She explained to Women’s Health, “We don’t do anything white, so we don’t do white flour, white sugar, or white salt.”

In her book, Balancing In Heels, she also wrote, “I’m not eating gluten free, but I try to avoid refined wheat products since they’ve been shown to spike blood sugar levels faster than some candy bars.”


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Cavallari does not diet much anymore, but she admitted to Women’s Health that, when she feels the need to, she will combine keto with intermittent fasting to get the best result. This is reportedly Cavallari’s “secret weapon” to get in shape before special occasions.

“If I really need to get in great shape before a photoshoot, I know I can do it,” she shared. “But for everyday life, it’s impossible. It wouldn’t be fun.”

When she doesn’t need to diet, Cavallari simply eats healthy meals and works out to regularly. She told Daily Mail, “I lift weights four to five times a week for about 45 minutes. I don’t do any cardio and I don’t work out with a trainer. Nowadays you don’t really need a trainer. It’s easy to find new moves on different apps and Google, if you’re in a working out rut.”