Kristin Davis Only Received One Emmy Nomination During ‘Sex and the City’ Run

Sex and the City was one of HBO’s successful and critically acclaimed series. The comedy followed the lives of four single women as they find love in New York City. When it premiered in 1998, Sex and the City became a hit with fans and critics. Throughout the show’s six seasons, it received numerous Primetime Emmy nominations and racked up several wins. The leading ladies were nominated multiple times during the show’s run. However, one cast member always seemed to be overlooked by the Academy.

'Sex and the City' actor Kristin Davis walks the red carpet at the SAG Awards.
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Kristin Davis received one Emmy nomination for ‘Sex and the City’

Actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattrall received Emmy nominations for their Sex and the City. Parker was nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, while Nixon and Cattrall were honored with Supporting Actress nominations.

As for Kristin Davis, despite turning in phenomenal performances as Charlotte York, she received little love from the Emmys. It wasn’t until the Sex and the City series finale in 2004 when she received recognition. Davis was nominated for Supporting Actress, which she shared with co-stars Nixon and Cattrall for the prize. Unfortunately, Davis lost, but she cheered on Nixon and Parker, who walked out as Emmy winners that night.

Charlotte York’s ‘Sex and the City’ history

One of the things that made Sex and the City popular was the different character personalities. The character Charlotte was deemed as conservative and optimistic. Although Charlotte experienced her share of pain, she never gave up on her belief in love.

Charlotte thought she found happiness when she married Dr. Trey MacDougal (Kyle MacLachlan). However, she realized married life wasn’t what she expected. Charlotte and Trey had arguments that stemmed from their intimacy issues, along with disagreements over having children.

Following her divorce from Trey, Charlotte finds love with her lawyer Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler). The two are opposites and at first, Charlotte’s repulsed by him, but he eventually wins her over. The couple marries in a wedding that’s filled with multiple mishaps. After marrying, they start planning for a family, but Charlotte’s heartbroken to discover she can’t have children. The series finale has good news for Charlotte and Harry, who adopted a baby girl from China.

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Kristin Davis reprises role for ‘Sex and the City’ reboot

Davis will be reunited with the rest of her Sex and the City co-stars for the reboot And Just Like That… When fans last saw Charlotte in the Sex and the City films, she and Harry had become parents to Lily. Their family grows when Charlotte discovers she’s pregnant and gives birth to a daughter named Rose. The film’s sequel shows an overwhelmed Charlotte dealing with the stresses of motherhood. Needing a break, she embarks on a trip with the girls, where she learns to unwind.

Although Charlotte’s storyline for And Just Like That… is unknown, one thing is for certain her daughters will be featured. According to People, Davis was seen filming recently with two teen girls playing Lily and Rose. If Charlotte thought motherhood was tough before, she’s in for a surprise when it comes to raising teenagers.