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In many ways, Kristine Froseth has had quite a serendipitous career. At 15, the Looking for Alaska star jokingly entered a catwalk competition with her friends at her local mall. It just so happened that the experience would lead her to a modeling career. After making a name for herself as a model, the Norwegian-American transitioned into acting. But, Froseth isn’t just relying on fate or luck to lead her to success.

Looking for Alaska star Kristine Froseth
Kristine Froseth | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

‘Looking for Alaska’ was Kristine Froseth’s first movie audition

To say that Froseth did a lot of prep work for her role in Looking for Alaska would be a bit of an understatement. The Sierra Burgess Is a Loser star was a big fan of the eponymous John Green book and was thrilled by the prospect of portraying the elusive Alaska Young. What made the audition even more special for the model was that it was actually her very first movie audition.

Though Looking for Alaska eventually became a Hulu miniseries, it was initially going to be made into a movie. Froseth was over the moon when she got her audition for the proposed film. However, she wasn’t exactly sure how to approach her addition. She’d never put herself on tape before, and didn’t know what the casting directors were expecting. But that didn’t stop The First Lady actor from giving the audition her all. In an interview with SBJCT Journal, Froseth got candid about her unique audition process.

The model filmed two short movies for her audition

“I taped 3 scenes, but I also made two short movies for it because I thought that was a part of the process,” Froseth shared. “The first one was a silly short of me on photo booth listening to music smoking cigarettes and doing an inner monologue, trying to tap into my inner Alaska and then I realized I wanted to create a whole short of me as Alaska and the whole concept was about grief.”

Froseth had a great time auditioning for ‘Looking for Alaska’

Froseth’s mini-movies may have been unorthodox, but they paid off for the actor. She caught the attention of the right people and continued along in the audition process. And, because she’d made good connections, she was able to really bring Alaska to life when she was auditioning for the then-movie.

“I sent both to the director, Rebecca Thomas, and luckily she really responded to them or saw some potential,” Froseth explained. “We exchanged emails and tapes for a few months and then I made it to the final rounds of chemistry reads. I’ll never forget what it felt like to fly out and step onto the Paramount lot and in front of all of these producers and writers. And I’ll never forget when Rebecca took me into the bathroom and we just yelled together stirring up emotions. It was truly special and I can’t thank her enough for having made my first ever audition experience so supportive and encouraging.”

After auditioning for Looking for Alaska, Froseth had a better idea of what to do for future auditions. However, that hasn’t stopped the model from going the extra mile. She still puts a ton of prep work into her auditions and her characters. We’re sure her fans look forward to seeing what she does next.