‘KUWTK’: A Small Detail in Kim Kardashian West’s Workout Video Has Fans Flustered

Kim Kardashian West and her sisters have amazing bodies. They must work out and eat a special diet to maintain their figures, especially after having kids, right? But the KarJens are pretty secretive about their workouts and meals. They’ll promote certain diets or foods on Instagram, but fans don’t know much about their actual habits. Kardashian West recently posted a video of her training, and fans are clamoring for more. 

Kim Kardashian West doesn’t wear her hair up when she works out 

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Reddit fans discussed the video, and like everything Kim posts, they dissected every little bit. First, Kim didn’t appear to be wearing makeup in the video, which fans loved. They think she looks great natural and were surprised to see she posted a video of herself with a bare face. Kim also didn’t tie up her hair, which had some fans confused. 

Most women put their hair in ponytails or buns to exercise, especially if they have long, flowing locks like Kim. Long hair can get in the way when working out. But Kim’s hair was untied, which made some fans think the video was at least a little staged. They think that Kim let her hair down for the video, then tied it back up after. Other fans defended Kim, saying that they also work out with loose hair. 

According to fans, Kardashian West doesn’t have weight on the bar 

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The other thing that bothered fans about this video was that Kim doesn’t have any weight on the bar. In the video, Kim seems to be struggling with the number of reps she has to do. The video is only 30 seconds long, so it’s not too much work for someone as fit as Kim. One fan said:

“There is no weight on that bar. Given how often she works out … She is pretty weak. Before I get downvoted: I am aware the bar has weight; it’s just a very low amount to struggle with given that she has 1 on 1 training.”

Of course, the lack of weight and Kim’s struggle could be more evidence that the video is at least somewhat staged. She may be putting on a show for the camera and pretending she is having a hard time. After all, as the commenter pointed out, Kim has constant one on one training. She’s probably pretty used to working out now, but she may have wanted to spice up her workout video a little by making it seem hard. 

Some people speculate that Kim Kardashian West doesn’t work out often 

Other fans agreed that Kim is probably just surprisingly weak. One commenter compared her to her sister Khloe. The youngest Kardashian sister makes a big deal about her workouts, but neither she nor Kim has much muscle tone. The fan wrote, “It honestly surprises me that for how much her and Khloe work out, they have very little muscle definition.”

Other fans think Kim probably isn’t aiming for muscle definition, which is exactly why she has no weight on the bar. One fan familiar with the machine Kim is using wrote, “I don’t think she means to do a weighted squat but to just have to bar guide her to do a deep squat.” 

But not all fans were buying Kim’s video at all. They even think this is further evidence that Kim’s butt is fake. She’s constantly accused of getting butt implants or injections, and fans think that squats like these won’t get anyone a Kim Kardashian West butt. One fan said:

“Seriously you literally can’t get a booty that big by doing squats w no weight being supported by chicken legs. I tuned out whenever the sisters do workout content because that s**t is a lie … None of them are athletes and their bodies are bought and paid. If you want a real body of strength and fitness see Serena Williams.”