‘KUWTK’: Adrienne Bailon Is ‘Thriving,’ Even Though Fans Wish She and Rob Had Worked It Out

From 2007 up to 2009, actress and singer Adrienne Bailon and reality TV star Rob Kardashian were hot and heavy in their affection for one another.

The two were constantly photographed together, and Bailon even appeared in some episodes of the hit reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashian.

Although most of the show’s fans thought Bailon and Kardashian were meant to be, the pair suddenly called it quits. Bailon’s career seems to be on a rising trajectory, and fans wish she and Rob could have worked things out.

Kardashian and Bailon went their separate ways after he cheated

For a time, Bailon and Kardashian seemed to be a match made in heaven. The couple walked red carpets together and were always seen together looking chummy. Bailon even appeared in a few episodes of KUWTK alongside Kardashian.

Before her short-lived romance with the youngest Kardashian, Bailon was an accomplished singer and actress and had starred in shows such as The Cheetah Girls, and I’m In Love with a Church Girl. She was also part of a girl group called 3LW.

Suddenly, the couple stopped being photographed together, and sources told news outlets that the pair had gone their separate ways due to irreconcilable differences. The sources said that the couple was young, and Bailon wanted to focus on her career while Kardashian was working on completing school.

Later on, the real reason for their breakup made headlines after Kardashian admitted in an episode on KUWTK that he had cheated on Bailon.

He didn’t name the person he carried out the affair with, but his sisters were shocked at the revelation. Bailon came out later on to state that Kardashian’s infidelity took a toll on her self-esteem.

Bailon is thriving and has love to give to the rest of the Kardashian

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Before her highly publicized romance with Kardashian, Bailon was successful at her art. However, ever since she parted ways with Kardashian, she seems to have found love with gospel musician Israel Houghton. The two got married in 2016

She also has a flourishing jewelry line called XIXI, which she occasionally promotes in her Instagram posts and stories. Khloe Kardashian has also given Bailon’s jewelry line a shout-out on her Instagram. Bailon is also one of the hosts on the daytime talk show The Real, where she, alongside fellow hosts, discuss real-life issues, including politics, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Additionally, Bailon has a thriving Facebook show and works on her music career as well. Although she and Kardashian broke up in 2009, Bailon has stayed friends with her ex-boyfriend’s sisters, especially Khloe.

She was one of the bridesmaids at Khloe’s wedding to basketball player Lamar Odom. She also engages in playful banter with Kim on Instagram from time to time. Bailon has stated that she watches Keeping up with the Kardashians and is a huge fan of the show.

Fans wish Adrienne Bailon and Kardashian had worked things out

Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon | Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Bailon and Kardashian’s relationship lasted for two years, with Bailon terming it her shortest relationship ever. However, fans on Reddit feel that Kardashian was at his best during the period that he and Bailon were together.

Kardashian was stable and seemed to be doing well during their relationship. After they parted ways, Kardashian got involved with Kim’s ex BFF Blac Chyna. Despite Kardashian and Chyna’s union bringing forth their beautiful daughter Dream, fans think Chyna was using him to advance her career.

The two have had a tumultuous relationship, and Kardashian even almost had a mental breakdown. Many fans believe that if Kardashian had remained faithful to Bailon, he wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble he went through with Chyna and that Bailon would have helped him become a better person.