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There has been more relationship drama than we care to remember over the past 20 seasons of the hit reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Plenty of exes have been thrown under the bus, never to be heard from again. They have been portrayed as the bad guys, while the Kar-Jenner clan maintain their absence of wrongdoing.

There is one exception to this axing of the exes. Rob Kardashian lost the love of his life after cheating on her. Despite the negativity that surrounded the break-up, his ex-girlfriend managed to keep a close relationship with several of his sisters.

Who is Adrienne on ‘KUWTK’?

Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon | Jemal Countess/FilmMagic

Adrienne Bailon Houghton was once involved in a romantic relationship with Rob Kardashian. The couple who dated from 2007 to 2009, had their names tattooed on one another as a symbol of their love.

No sooner did the ink dry, the duo was already calling it quits. As the relationship unraveled, Houghton frequently appeared on KUWTK.

The former Cheetah Girls star calls her time with Kardashian the “shortest relationship of my whole life.” She told OK Magazine that she still talks to the family but has no contact with her former partner.

When the couple broke up, Houghton revealed that Kourtney became a good friend. The two girls reportedly remain close friends today, and the Disney star was a bridesmaid in Khloe’s wedding.

In 2016, Rob’s ex married gospel singer Israel Houghton. She has openly talked about her troubled relationship with Kardashian on The Real, a daytime talk show she has co-hosted for seven seasons.

Houghton also has a new show on CLEO TV called All Things Adrienne, where she promises to help create “ways to turn up the glam in your life.”

The former singer is also scheduled to host the new Fox TV show See Your Voice.

A positive influence on the Kardashian sisters


Fans Think Rob Kardashian’s Life Would Be Very Different if He Hadn’t Cheated on Adrienne Bailon

Despite things not working out with Rob, Houghton claims that she is still friends with his sisters, saying she will always have their backs. After Houghton attended the Poosh pool party, Khloe took to Instagram to say that her brother’s ex is her “Sis for Life” according to Life and Style Magazine.

Kim has also sung her praises, saying on Twitter that her daughter North is obsessed with her newfound discovery of the Cheetah Girls. Houghton responded to the tweet by calling it “Cheetahlicious.”

There was a time when Kim was annoyed that Houghton said she was tired of being associated with the Kardashians. The spat was short-lived, and the girls remained friends. It is a tribute to how they were able to work out their differences without cutting each other out of their lives.

That’s not something that comes easy to Kim, but Houghton has found a way to help her see both sides of the story.

Houghton has had a lasting effect on the girls. Most of them have remained friends and support each other’s endeavors. It seems Houghton is one of the few exes to be able to have a positive influence on the Kar-Jenner clan.

What fans have to say about Adrienne and her effect on the Kardashian sisters

On a recent Reddit thread, fans discussed Houghton and the effect she had on the Kardashian family. Although the relationship between her and Rob has been over for more than a decade, fans still remember what a “sweetheart” she is. One fan said, she “deserved better and got it.”

Most fans agreed that they loved Adrienne. They called her classy, funny, outgoing, and full of positivity. One Reddit user stated that “she was also a little more humble and down to earth and I think she made the girls be more down to earth when they were around her.”

Fans were quick to address that the talk show host went on to better things and they are genuinely “happy for her success in career and love.” Most agreed that “Rob really missed out on a good one.”