‘KUWTK’: Fans Aren’t Buying Into the Theory That Kimye Drama Is Fake

TV in the past two decades has made icons of many socialites, but none more so than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The iconic show has spawned empires for several of the Kardashian kids and made its entire cast household names over its 13-year run. With its final season currently running, fans are anxiously awaiting how much of the marital troubles between Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West will be filmed for the show. While many had strong opinions on the two’s announced split in early 2021, no one was too surprised. Now the first few episodes of season 20 of KUWTK have some fans wondering if the drama between the couple may be staged for ratings.

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Kimye – the end of an era

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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West married in 2014. Kim was already a social media sensation and tabloid darling from KUWTK and Kanye was at the forefront of hip-hop and rap culture and a prominent fashion designer. Together they were one of the ultimate power couples in entertainment. Their combined audiences translated into a massive empire, and they built a strong brand together over the seven years they were together as they also raised four children together. According to CNN, Kim filed for divorce in January 2021. Though some devoted fans of the couple were surprised, rumors of troubles between the two had been circulating for a long time. While no official reason has been given, it appears recent controversial statements from Kanye West have pushed Kim to her limits.

Is Kim faking it?

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Even with rumors long persisting about marital troubles between the two, and a long history of public fights, some fans are still theorizing that the drama between the two is staged to promote the last season of KUWTK. One Reddit user posted, “I’m calling it now, Kimye drama on KUWTK 20 is a farce. By the end of the season, they are a happy couple.” While similar allegations were hurled at Kim when a hotly legally contested sex tape shot by an ex-boyfriend was released.

Then, media and some fans seemed eager to jump on the bandwagon with theories about Kim’s engineering personal disasters for publicity, but this time fans don’t seem to be buying it. Every commenter on the above Reddit post disagreed adamantly, with one saying “His apology for his Twitter outburst last year was basically ‘I’m sorry I said how I really feel in public.’ It’s been over for a while.”

Where does that leave KUWTK season 20?

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With fans only having seen the first few episodes, no one is really sure how much of Kim and Kanye’s drama will feature in the show. Already there have been some uncomfortable moments and Kim is visibly shaken when the conversation turns to Kanye. As recently as July of 2020, a source told E!, “Kanye’s mental health and what she [Kim] is dealing with currently at home is completely off-limits and none of that is being filmed for the show.”

Now that circumstances have drastically changed, fans are left wondering what if anything, connected to the divorce will be shown on the series. Typically, Kanye has played a very small role in the show, but this separation and divorce will be a large part of Kim’s life. It’s tough to see how they could film a reality show that features her heavily without touching on the main drama of her life currently.

Though fans have shown an appetite to turn on Kim Kardashian West before, recent outbursts and faux pas have left Kanye leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Though bigger stunts than faking a divorce have been pulled in the name of ratings before, it seems most fans believe that Kim honestly couldn’t take the marriage anymore. One way or the other, it’s clear that their marriage has been on the rocks a long time, and most fans seem to sincerely hope that things can get better for each of them.