‘KUWTK:’ Fans Are Split on Whose Side They’re on After Kourtney and Kim’s Explosive Fight

The Kardashian sisters have had nasty verbal spats in the past, but no one would have ever imagined that things would turn physical between the famous siblings. For months, there have been rumors brewing that the tense feud between Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West turned into a physical fight, and it was confirmed in the season 18 premiere. More footage of the fight and its aftermath aired on the April 2 episodes that left viewers torn on which sister was more at fault. 

Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian
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A recap of the fight between Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West

Tensions have been brewing between Kourtney and Kim for the past few seasons. Kourtney has expressed her desire to film less and focus more on her personal life — while Kim and Khloé Kardashian have complained that Kourtney leaves them to fill in and complete work related to the show.

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While Kim and Khloé say they understand Kourtney’s wishes, they accuse their sister of not setting clear boundaries and sticking to them. According to the sisters, Kourtney changes her mind often, leaving things in limbo. Kourtney has said she feels like the outsider of her family and judged if she opts to do something different than what the collective agrees upon. 

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Things came to a head on the season 18 premiere when the sisters were having a conversation and Kim called out Kourtney for feeling like she does not work. Kourtney exploded, pushing Kim and leaving a scratch on her arm. Kim retaliated, and the two sisters ended up in a full-blown slap boxing war. 

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Fans choose sides between Kourtney and Kim

Though Kourtney technically threw the first punch, viewers of the show are split on which sister played more of a role in things escalating into a physical fight. While many agree that Kourtney pushing Kim was wrong, they feel that Kourtney has been antagonized for her decision to step away from the spotlight.

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“I will never understand how people hate Kourtney for being ‘lazy’ and ‘mean’ to Kim when Kim has always been the entitled sister,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “Also, Kourtney was mean sometimes but never like the way Kim digs into Kourtney about who she is as a person. Foh with that Kim sympathy.”

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“Kourtney literally carried this show and their spin-offs. She was on every spinoff. Or are we forgetting? She’s done her bit and she wants to leave. Let her,” another commented in support of Kourtney.

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“Despite the fact that Kourtney is at fault (to me) I think I feel where she’s coming from, she doesn’t want to be a celebrity because she wants to be focused on her kids and that’s really good for her,” another chimed in. 

But others pointed out that they feel Kourtney lacks the ability to communicate in a healthy and effective manner, which leads to more issues between her and her sisters.

“Since Kourtney likes the buzz word ‘narrative,’ maybe she should changed the narrative in her head that every conversation is an attack and unproductive. Good way to have things not be resolved. Change the narrative,” one observed.

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“How is Kourtney lacking self-awareness this drastically? She’s wondering why @khloekardashian won’t take her bad treatment anymore yet acts like she’s the victim? She needs to see a new therapist! The self-victimization is ridiculous & therapy has made it worse,” wrote another.

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Kourtney did not live-tweet as the episode aired and took to her Twitter account to announce that she’d be taking the night off to spend with her children. She also stood by her decision to be less involved with the show and asked that fans respect and not judge her choices.