‘KUWTK Fans Think Kim Kardashian Is a ‘Wonderful Mom’ for Facing Her Fear of Bugs

Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians have watched Kim Kardashian grow and change throughout the now 20 seasons of the show.

Her career has grown, as has her family. Kim was a single lady at the beginning of KUWTK. Over the course of the show, she’s been married and separated twice, and added four kids to the family. Fans on Reddit are impressed. They’re amazed at what she’ll do for her kids. Kim goes all out for her little one, even confronting her fear of bugs and crawly things for her daughter North West. 

North West loves exotic (and sometimes creepy) animals

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Although Kim has a lifelong fear of bugs, her daughter North is obsessed with anything creepy crawly. North has quite a few exotic pets, including a bearded dragon. Although Kim is too scared to allow North to have a tarantula in the house, she did bring North to a pet store to look at tarantulas. Sure, she tried to bribe the pet store clerk to get him to tell North that tarantulas don’t make good pets, but it was surely hard for Kim to set foot in the spider emporium in the first place. 

Kim even held a spider for North. Although she didn’t enjoy it, fans on reddit think it proves she’s an amazing mom. According to one fan, “Yeah she did well for holding the spiders and putting one on her head for North….it couldn’t be me! I think Kim is a wonderful mom and I wish we say that side of her more on kuwtk.”

Fans were impressed when Kim Kardashian held a spider 

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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Fans think Kim holding the spider was basically an act of heroism. They know Kim, and they know she HATES spiders. But like all good moms, she’s willing to face her fears for her children. One fan said “Her handling that minion of Satan at North’s party was the coolest thing I’ve seen her too. I’d rather die. I truly mean that and it’s a testament to how much she loves that wonderful little weirdo that she got through it.” By “minion of Satan,” the fan is referring to a tarantula. 

Kim probably agrees with this fan that the creatures are “minions of Satan.” She doesn’t like tarantulas, and she doesn’t seem to care for reptiles much either. Yet Kim did allow North to get a bearded dragon, named speed. Kim says that the lizard has grown on her. 

One of North West’s pets has its own SKIMS clothes

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Speed the bearded dragon was actually originally just a temporary guest at the Kardashian West house. North was pet sitting for one of Kim’s friends, but the original owner never came back for Speed. Kim allowed North to keep her, and she became part of the family. The reality TV star wrote on Instagram, “I really wasn’t planning on liking Speed the way I do but she grew on me.” 

The little lizard even got her own pair of COZY pajamas from Kim’s company, SKIMS. The fuzzy PJs are coveted by many of Kim’s fans, but North’s lizard gets her own custom set. It isn’t just one pair either. The lizard has three pairs of pajamas, in pink, white, and brown. It seems like North has been placated by the lizard. According to Kim’s post, “North and her bearded dragon go everywhere together it’s kinda cute!” That means North may have lost interest in having a tarantula as a pet, even though she hasn’t lost interest in tarantulas in general.