‘KUWTK’ Fans Think Reality TV Has Changed Kylie Jenner — and Not In a Good Way

In the Kar/Jenner universe, Kylie Jenner is a complete success. There’s her cosmetics business that made her a billionaire at a very young age. She has a talent for keeping the controversy coming, so interest in Keeping Up With The Kardashians doesn’t wane. And let’s face it, her 2-year-old daughter Stormi is unbelievably cute (and maybe a little overindulged). 

But although Jenner adds a lot to the world of the Kar/Jenners, fans are starting to wonder if KUWTK is actually good for her. Some say that it’s changed her, and they’re worried that it’s because of the life she’s living.

She’s been on-screen for a long time

Kylie Jenner on the red carpet
Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jenner was only 10 when KUWTK first hit the airwaves. She and Kendall were just kids, and they were light-hearted, silly, and focused on having fun. They weren’t on-screen as much their three older Kardashian sisters, whose lives were a more appropriate source of drama for television. 

As she was growing up, Jenner provided a lot of fun moments on the show, like when she dyed her hair blue or the time she snuck a boy into her room. Considering the mega-mogul she’s become in the cosmetics industry, it’s funny to remember the time her dad Caitlyn wasn’t happy about Khloe showing her how to use makeup. 

Adult life in the public eye is harder

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Jenner has gone through her share of heartbreak while the world watched, including the breakup with Travis Scott, Stormi’s dad. It looks like the two of them may be reuniting, but she’s reportedly still scared about how it will work out. The constant scrutiny they live with certainly won’t make things easier. 

As if losing boyfriends wasn’t hard enough, Khloe’s relationship drama also cost Jenner her best friend

On top of all that, Jenner has lived with the constant criticism that comes with being famous. Her fans are often upset with her, for things like how she spends her money or for being out of touch with how “regular” people live. It has to be hard to live under a microscope like that, and some people say it’s starting to show. 

Fans are afraid that fame is changing her

A recent Reddit discussion talked about how Jenner’s personality has changed over the years. They noticed that she seems to have become less outgoing and talkative, and people shared their theories about why. While some of them felt that it was just a matter of her growing up, many of them worried that she is trying to protect herself. 

“I feel like her personality actually haven’t changed that much, you can see her goofy side in her friend’s social media sometimes, but she started hiding it from the public as she became more famous, which is understandable since she’s been judged by the public since childhood,” said one commenter.

Another pointed out that it didn’t seem to help, saying that she’s “judged either way though sadly, doesn’t matter if she’s bubbly or shy.”

A few people felt that it was the unrelenting attention Jenner gets that is wearing her down. Unlike other people in the public eye, she doesn’t ever get a break. “Actors and musicians go on hiatus and come back, but as reality tv stars and IG personalities they’re on all the time. I imagine they’re all somewhat jaded.”

One fan made the observation that Jenner seemed much happier after Stormi was born, which could have been because she stayed out of the public eye for months, hiding her pregnancy. “I think the criticism from the media/ “fans” really affects her more than other factors and that being out of the spotlight really improved her self esteem.”

Whether Jenner’s subdued attitude is the result of maturity or exhaustion, her fans miss the happy young girl she once was, and they hope she’ll find her smile again soon.