‘KUWTK’ Fans Totally Fell for a Fake Kim Kardashian Post — But Now They Wish It Were Real

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West haven’t confirmed divorce rumors yet, but fans are pretty sure the couple is on the brink of separation.

As it is, they don’t seem to spend that much time together. Kanye has been living on his ranch in Wyoming for a while, while Kim and their kids stay in California, near her family. Kim may share her whole life with the world on her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but she’s notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship with Kanye.

Fans are wondering how much will be shared on the upcoming Kardashian reality show that will appear on Hulu. All that speculation led to fans posting a fake twitter post that some wish was real. 

A fake twitter post claimed Kim Kardashian had passed the bar and was representing herself in her divorce from Kanye West 

The fake tweet was posted to Reddit, and some fans fell for it. The post, which appeared to be from Kim, read “I passed the bar! It’s been a long journey since 2018. I will be representing myself in my divorce and I’m so excited. You’ll be able to watch the whole thing go down in court. ‘Kim Kardashian Esq’ is coming soon, watch it only on @Hulu.” The text was followed by a pic of Kim, and at the bottom, the tell-tale exclamation point declares that the post is for comedic purposes only. 

The KarJens will have a new show on Hulu, and fans aren’t yet sure what it will be about. Maybe that’s why a lot of them fell for the fake tweet. Or maybe it was wishful thinking. A lot of fans said that they would pay money to see Kim and Kanye duke it out in court. 

Kim Kardashian may be a lawyer someday, but she probably won’t represent herself

Kim is in the process of becoming a lawyer, which made the fake tweet all the more believable. But she probably won’t represent herself in a divorce, even if she has years of experience. As one fan pointed out, “I thought this was real and was so happy for her, being an attorney myself. Up until I got to the part of her representing herself in her divorce… no attorney would ever represent themselves in any case.”

Other fans point out that Kim is probably not eligible to take the bar right now. First she needs to pass what is known as the “baby bar,” and she hasn’t announced passing that yet. Some fans are skeptical that she’ll be able to pass such a grueling test, considering her busy life.

As one fan noted:  “People that are in law school spend months studying for hours a day every day for the bar/baby bar and still don’t pass and there’s logistically no way Kim has time for that kind of study regimen without cutting some stuff out that it doesn’t seem she has tbh.”

Fans want Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce televised 

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West stand together on the red carpet
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West | Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

The Real Reason Kim Kardashian West Won’t Divorce Kanye West

Even if Kim can’t represent herself, fans hope they’ll get a glimpse of her divorce on her upcoming Hulu show. Fans would love to see the inner workings of their relationship. They would especially love watching Kim and Kanye represent themselves.

One fan wrote that if Kim represents herself and Kanye represents himself, they could make a killing on pay per view. “That could be the highest grossing pay-per-view ever. i would shell out an obscene amount of cash to watch that haha.”

But it’s unlikely Kim will share much about her divorce with Kanye on her new show. She may want to keep things private to protect her children.