‘KUWTK’ Fans Want to Know What’s Up With Kylie Jenner’s Obsession With Dollar Sign Art

One of the draws for reality TV fans is getting to see unscripted moments from the people on the screen. While the juiciest and most attention-grabbing reality TV moments usually come from conflicts between the participants, many fans keep an eye out for more subtle glimpses into the personal lives of the celebrities. This is especially true for a reality show like Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After all, the set isn’t some abandoned island or artificially-contrived apartment complex built for the duration of the season. It’s the real-life houses of the Kardashian-Jenner family members who live there. 

This behind-the-scenes look at the family’s personal dwellings has fans — especially those who are interested in lighter moments from the family — delighted by the details they can see. One of those details, however, has fans puzzled. What’s up with Kylie Jenner’s dollar sign art? 

Kylie Jenner looking off camera with her hands on her hips
Kylie Jenner | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Kylie Jenner lives in Hidden Hills 

The Los Angeles suburb of Hidden Hills is a gem that many celebrities call home, and it has become something of a hub for the Kardashian-Jenner family. This is the neighborhood where Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West caused quite a stir when West began unapproved construction projects. Several family members have houses in the area, and Kylie Jenner is among them. 

Jenner, the most financially successful of the family and declared the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, has plenty of resources to create a home to her liking. This has taken the form of a gorgeous mansion in the Hidden Hills area. She purchased the home when she was just 19 years old, and she spent a staggering $12 million on the 13,200-square-foot house. 

Kylie Jenner has been protective of her space

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While it might sound strange to say about a reality TV star, Jenner seems protective of her personal space. She doesn’t often let fans into her home and only shares carefully curated glimpses now and then. This has led to a lot of attention on the decor when fans do get a peek. 

Many of Jenner’s photographs feature part of her home in the background. Her driveway is a favorite photoshoot location. However, interior shots are less common, so fans are excited when they get to see the details of Jenner’s personality shining through in the background.  When Architectural Digest got access to the house for a piece, fans got to see just how full of color and life Jenner’s home is. She has made many decor choices with a modern flair, and framed art features heavily in nearly every room. 

Dollar signs adorn Kylie Jenner’s walls 

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One feature that caught fans’ eyes is the prevalence of dollar signs in Jenner’s art choices. A Reddit thread features fans who noticed that one of the art selections in Jenner’s house is a framed piece that’s simply a collection of black dollar signs on a white background. On top of that, the Architectural Digest piece featured a picture from Jenner’s bar lounge that has three separately framed and brightly-colored dollar signs hanging above a teal couch. They’re described in the caption as “Andy Warhol lithographs.” 

What’s up with this rather unusual artistic choice? Some fans suspect that Jenner has little to do with her decorating choices: “Man you know she just hired an interior decorator to fill out the house. She probably doesn’t even realise it’s there.”

Others feel like the art is speaking to her materialistic and money-focused identity. “Ugh she’s so materialistic it’s not even cute at this point,” one wrote. Another agreed and added, “And so tone deaf about it too.”

Another commenter pointed out that the piece didn’t seem serious. They speculated that Jenner may have received the art as a gift after she reached her record-breaking billionaire status: “I feel like this would be a jokey gift after billionaire status from a friend?”

Whatever the case, the artistic choice has certainly raised some eyebrows, and the response might explain why Jenner is reluctant to let prying eyes into her personal space.