‘KUWTK’: Some of the Show’s Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Involve Kendall Jenner Getting Mad at Kris

The end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming soon, and fans are feeling nostalgic about the years the Kar-Jenners spent on the air.

Although these trips down memory lane can be sweet, not every memory is worth revisiting. Fans are also looking back on some moments they won’t miss at all. The relationships in the family have definitely had their difficult moments, and viewers aren’t sad to leave them all behind.

Kris Jenner may be famous for interfering in her kids’ lives, but sometimes people feel a little sorry for her. Kendall Jenner hasn’t always been very nice to her mom, and fans won’t miss that dynamic.

Getting ready to say goodbye

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner | Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

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The 20th and final season of KUWTK recently aired, and now fans are steeling themselves for the end of 14 years of reality TV gold. According to Vox, the Kar-Jenner family is also struggling with the ending of the popular series. The teaser for the final season even showed the family crying as Kris Jenner announced the show’s end to the crew. 

Of course, the Kardashians aren’t entirely disappearing from TV screens. In December, they announced that they’ve inked a deal with Hulu to create “global content.” Regardless of what that may turn out to be, fans will miss the OG program that made them famous, and they have many remarkable moments to remember. 

Fond memories

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According to Screen Rant, fans are remembering storylines that were especially memorable. For example, there was the time Kim Kardashian was having a meltdown because she’d lost a diamond earring in the ocean. Viewers still appreciate how her big sister Kourtney Kardashian served her up some perspective, saying, “Kim, people are dying.”

Fans are going to miss moments like that, and they’re sad that they won’t see the sisters’ kids grow up. But not everything about KUWTK is going to be mourned. People also remember some things they won’t miss at all. 

‘Cringe moments’ fans won’t miss

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In a conversation on Reddit, fans reminisced about some moments they really couldn’t stand on the show. There were many examples, such as Kris Jenner talking about her sex life or the physical fights between the sisters. But one thread with a lot of participation was all about Kendall Jenner and how she treated her mom at times. 

“That time Kendall was going through her mood swing bratty phase with Kris a few years ago and got angry at Kris for tryna talk and spend time with her at that restaurant,” one viewer remembered. Another commenter mentioned a time that Kris Jenner was taking care of Kendall Jenner’s dog, Blu, and she thanked her mom by being rude to her and calling her a liar. 

“That was the first episode of kuwtk I ever saw and I hated Kendall so much I didn’t watch again for like 5 years,” another person agreed.

“Kendall seems like she gets mad & immediately blames someone for her reaction,” a fan pointed out.

“That’s her move,” another agreed. “She gets frustrated before her brain processes logic, and goes straight to attacking whoever is nearest to her.”

Of course, KUWTK has always been a show people watch to hate almost as much as they love it. It wouldn’t have been nearly so successful if the famous family didn’t upset people occasionally. But at least when it comes to some of the conflicts between Kendall Jenner and her mom, viewers won’t mind missing out on the drama.