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Kyle Cooke from Summer House has made it abundantly clear that he is all about having fun. From out of the gate, Cooke exclaimed that summer is supposed to be fun. And nothing should stop you from achieving your goal.

During season 1, he saw couples living together at the house as a barrier to the ultimate fun summer. However, when girlfriend Amanda Batula joined him at the Summer House during the second season he grappled with proving his original thesis. He famously had this drunken exchange with a tearful Batula.

Kyle Cooke | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Batula is crying and Cooke insists that he was trying to have fun with her that night. But that she “prevented all fun.” He exclaimed that she was not fun. “Summer should be fun,” he said clapping. “Amanda. Not fun.”

The couple has since learned to have mutual amounts of fun and are now engaged. Although Cooke insists summer should be fun, it appears that he is still “fun Kyle” during the other seasons too.

Dress up is not just for summer

Cooke likes to wear the now-infamous mullet wig for every July 4th celebration. The crew has also dressed in the country’s forefathers attire too. But a quick glance at Cooke’s Instagram shows that dressing up isn’t just for summer

He was happy to get into costume to promote his company Birddogs. He also has no problem rocking a seriously 80s inspired onesie too. Cooke likes a funny filter, plus he really gets into the holidays. Especially when it comes time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Don’t even get started on Halloween. But if anyone is going to go out as Eleven from Stranger Things, clearly it should be Cooke. Plus if you give the man a silly hat…well…

He likes a little adventure too

Winter, spring, and fall Kyle are fun too. He digs rock climbing at Joshua Tree and yoga in the desert. He also loves his ski trips with the guys. But also taking Batula on a European vacation too.

He’s happy hitting the playground with his brother (yes, recently) and horsing around with his nieces and nephews. He gets around the city on a Citi Bike and goes hiking through national parks.

But seriously, he’s just a big kid

Cooke admits that age is just a number. And he’s probably a favorite uncle with his nieces and nephews. He can also turn it up during his annual ski trip with friends to Vermont. Cooke rented a sweet (first ever) BMW X7 for this year’s trip. He seems completely delighted talking about it in his Instagram story. “Look at the nose on this puppy,” he says. O.k., the car is really cool.

When the guys get to the slopes, Cooke says it is a little warm and rainy. But they are determined to have a blast. He posts from the slopes as the clouds are just booking it across the sky.

And of course, what would a guys’ trip be like without some broken gear, which one friend displays on the gondola. But the best is when one friend attempts to pee off the gondola during mid-ride. When it becomes abundantly clear the mission is physically impossible he abandons the notion. Clearly, fun Kyle’s friends are pretty fun too.

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