Kyle Richards Stars in Holiday Movie ‘The Housewives of the North Pole’ and Fans Share Their Thoughts

Kyle Richards is the queen of Peacock as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star headlines various projects for the streaming platform. The reality TV personality not only appears on The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip but was also part of the cast of Halloween Kills, which premiered on the streaming service earlier this year. Richards also makes a guest appearance on Paris In Love, a reality show starring her niece Paris Hilton. More recently, Richards is one of the stars of the film The Housewives of the North Pole and after being released, fans have their opinions to share.

Kyle Richards looking pensive
Kyle Richards | Fred Hayes/Peacock

Who does Kyle Richards play in the Peacock movie?

Streaming services are producing more content than ever for their platforms for the benefit of viewers. There are many options to watch and with the holidays upon us, a good Christmas movie is always on everyone’s wish list. Peacock premiered The Housewives of the North Pole starring Richards and Betsy Brandt.

The movie centers around the Christmas Queens of North Pole, Vermont, Trish (Richards) and Diana (Brandt). Both stars have won the Best Holiday House decorating competition for nine consecutive years.

“But days before Christmas, a friendship-ending argument sparks a town-wide feud and draws the attention of a national magazine writer hoping to make a name for herself with her scintillating expose,” the logline says.

Havoc ensues between the friends as they compete against each other and try to take the crown from each other. The movie also stars Jearnest Corchado, Kyle Selig, Tetona Jackson, Carlos Ponce, Alec Mapa, Damon Dayoub, among others. Housewives from other franchises also make a cameo appearance.

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What fans are saying about ‘The Housewives of the North Pole’

After The Housewives of North Pole premiered on Peacock, Richards shared a cast photo promoting her movie. It wasn’t long before her fans weighed in after watching the film starring the RHOBH icon.

“Christmas time is here. Snuggle up and catch #housewivesnorthpole on @peacocktv,” Richards posted on Instagram. “Not everyone in my house loves me having a ‘movie husband’ @poncecarlos1 is awesome and so is the entire cast of this heartfelt holiday movie.”

“Watching now!! Love it,” a fan replied.

“I watched it today; it was so cute!” a follower added.

“It was actually really good,” an Instagram user said.

“I just finished watching this and loved loved loved it!” another fan mentioned.

“Watched it yesterday and loved it. Laughed so loud. Very cute movie,” another follower commented.

“Watched it and enjoyed it. Kyle was very impressive!” another Instagram user said.

Kyle Richards as Trish hanging up an ornament on a Christmas tree
Kyle Richards as Trish | Fred Hayes/Peacock

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Kyle Richards removes kiss from movie

In The Housewives of North Pole, Richards is married to Carlos Ponce’s character, and the script called for a kiss. However, Richards intervened to have the kiss removed.

“I’ve never kissed anybody else since I met my husband,” Richards told Entertainment Tonight. “So it went from the lips to the cheek in the movie.”

Richards then added, “I’m kind of shy like that. I mean, I’ve been married for [what] feels like my whole life!”

The Housewives of North Pole is now streaming on Peacock for subscribes on the Premium plan.