Kylie Jenner Finally Admits the Pandemic is Affecting Her Appearance

Kylie Jenner and other celebrities have been on lockdown since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic exploded in the United States back in March. Since then, parts of the country have reopened, but California salons have not yet gotten the all-clear from Governor Newsom to reopen. And Kylie Jenner recently revealed that she hasn’t been able to get to the salon as much as she’d like.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Some fans questioned how the pandemic could affect celebrities

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, many businesses shut their doors to prevent the spread. But as March turned to April, then to May, fans started to wonder how celebrities’ appearances might be affected by the pandemic.

Some high-profile plastic surgeons have said that, as far as fillers go, the pandemic came at the right time. Dr. Jason Diamond, a plastic surgeon, told Vanity Fair that, because awards season was right around the corner, many celebrities had had their fillers and Botox done just before non-urgent medical offices closed for several months. Depending on the type of treatment, the fillers can last up to a year, so some celebrities might be in the clear.

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Kylie Jenner was attempting to remain all natural during the lockdown

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to fillers. She’s had them in her lips, face, buttocks, and has received breast implants. But when the lockdown started, Jenner used it as a time to give her body a break. The beauty mogul was used to having long nails, and she did away with them while the salons were closed. Plus, she wore less makeup and didn’t pile on the wigs or extensions.

As time went on, though, it became clear that the lockdown wasn’t ending anytime soon, and Jenner started keeping up more with her appearance.

Jenner recently revealed that she desperately needs her hair done

In a recent Instagram story, Jenner revealed to fans that she’s finally seeing the effects of the lockdown. The Kylie Skin founder posted a Boomerang showing off her hair — with all its grown-out roots. “Need these roots done asap,” her caption read.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner revealed she isn’t keeping up with her hair. | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

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Jenner has been doing her best to social distance during the pandemic, and even though she likely has a private stylist come to her home, it appears she’s still trying to separate herself from others as much as she can. It’s nice to know that even Jenner has let her roots grow out during lockdown.

Those who follow the Kardashian-Jenners on social media have noticed that their appearances haven’t changed much since the pandemic reared its ugly head. It’s likely because they’re able to have specialists come to their homes to do hair, nails, and filler treatments. Still, Jenner has kept much shorter nails since lockdown, likely because the upkeep is easier. And her roots don’t make the rest of us feel so bad for shying away from making a much-needed hair appointment.