Kylie Jenner Critics Accuse Her Of Paying for Positive Reviews

When Kylie Jenner first launched her lip kits, she had lighting in a bottle success. Because of the fame she’d accrued from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she had a strong fan base. The reality TV star also smartly chose to market her products on social media, targeting a young and impressionable audience. Since then, Jenner has launched multiple brands: Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Swim, and Kylie Baby. However, the latter three brands haven’t experienced nearly as much success as her cosmetics brand.

Kylie Swim founder Kylie Jenner in a blue dress
Kylie Jenner | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner’s new brand, Kylie Swim, got a ton of criticism

In particular, Kylie Swim has received a ton of criticism since it launched on September 17. Customers have complained that the swimwear is made of cheap material. Some even posted videos and reviews on social media showing that the material is transparent. Others complained that Jenner’s suits were uncomfortable and not flattering for most body shapes.

The ‘KUWTK’ alum also launched Kylie Baby recently

Jenner has yet to address the critiques that she received for Kylie Swim. Instead, she seems to have pivoted to promoting her latest collection from Kylie Cosmetics and her newest brand, Kylie Baby. The young entrepreneur shared that creating a brand for babies has been a dream of hers for years.

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“I’m so excited to introduce @kyliebaby to you guys,” Jenner penned on Instagram when she announced the brand. “It was a dream of mine to develop clean, safe, effective, and conscious baby care when I became a mom. I know we all want the absolute best for our kids so making this line completely vegan and hypoallergenic was very personal to me! I’m so proud of these products and couldn’t wait to share this with you and your family! Launching September 28th.”

Critics accused the young mom of paying for positive reviews

Kylie Baby hasn’t gotten as much social media attention as Kylie Swim. However, Jenner recently managed to draw some attention to the brand. Taking to her Instagram, she posted some five-star reviews of the products. “It makes me sooo happy to see everyone loving @kyliebaby!” Jenner penned on Instagram. “We are restocked on the site right now on! p.s. I am also guilty of using the baby conditioner sometimes.”

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While some fans congratulated Jenner for her success, other people were pretty skeptical. “Girl nobody is loving it😭,” someone penned in the comments. Other people suggested that Jenner and her team paid people to write positive reviews. “Paid reviewer or did Kylie write them?” another person questioned. “Right ion see nobody talking about it besides she and her sister/team. Probably paid for someone to write those reviews,” another person added.

Jenner has not addressed the Kylie Swim backlash

Other comments weren’t interested in speculating if Jenner paid for reviews. Instead, they pressed Jenner to post the reviews for Kylie Swim. “You might wanna check your Kylie Swim reviews sis lmao,” one person wrote. “But how about those Kylie Swim reviews 🧐 or we just not gonna talk about that,” another person added. “Lol are you gonna post the reviews of Kylie swim as well?” yet another person declared.

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Who knows if Jenner truly pays for positive reviews. However, it’s clear that her not addressing the negative reviews of Kylie Swim isn’t doing her any favors. She may have sold out the original launch, but she’ll likely need to make changes if she wants to continue to see success.