Kylie Jenner Cut a Piece of Cake and Fans Are Losing It: Her Response Is Hilarious

Kylie Jenner received some amazing Mother’s Day gifts, including a gorgeous olive oil cake from sister Kourtney Kardashian. While people had some questions about what the cake tastes like, some fans couldn’t get over how Jenner cut the cake. In response to the criticisms, she doubled down by aggravating her critics even more.

Kylie Jenner attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

What is olive oil cake?

Fans who have never heard of an olive oil cake had some questions, but the answer is right there in the name.

On a 2017 Bon Appetit recipe post for olive oil cake, the description notes, “Even die-hard butter devotees admit that olive oil makes exceptionally good cakes. EVOO is liquid at room temperature, so it lends superior moisture over time. In fact, olive oil cake only improves the longer it sits…”

The recipe calls for 1¼ cups oil to be streamed into the cake batter while mixing as well as drizzling additional oil over the baked cake after it’s been poked with a toothpick.

Jenner cut a small piece and fans couldn’t handle it

When Jenner showed off the cake on her Instagram Story, she took a very small piece — cut off-center and not symmetrically, as one normally does.

Fans had a lot to say on the matter and some couldn’t quite get over the bizarre way she cut the piece. On Reddit, one user posted a photo from her Story that showed the wonky small slice and people weighed in.

One Redditor noted, “Just the way it’s sliced makes me want to lose my mind” and another shared, “I would try it… BUT CUT IT NORMALLY. Eye twitch.”

On Twitter there was a lot of chatter as well. “Kylie Jenner cutting her cake triggers my ocd… wtf!!!,” one Twitter user remarked, with another noting, “Dunno about anyone else but the way Kylie Jenner has cut this cake has really stressed me out.”

Others said it gave them anxiety. “The way kylie cut that cake on her insta stories makes me wanna crawl out of my skin,” one person tweeted, with another noting, “Kylie really out here testing my patience cutting that cake like that.”

Many asked why she cut the cake that way, with one Twitter user pointing out, “kylie, sweetie that’s not the right way to cut a cake.”

Jenner responded and pissed more fans off

Jenner heard her fans’ distress over the way she cut the cake, taking to her Instagram Story to post a follow up on the drama she had stirred up. She hit back by trolling those who couldn’t handle it — and had a new, even more upsetting way to freak people out.

She wrote, “People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did so this is for those people.” Then she cut a circle next to her odd little triangle cut!

Naturally, that got people riled up. “Kylie Jenner cut her cake in an unusual way and a lot of people were distressed so now she cut a whole a*s circle near the misaligned triangle cut,” one person tweeted of the reality star’s genius response.