Kylie Jenner Finally Explained Why One of Her Toes Looks So Weird In Photos

If you’ve been losing sleep trying to figure out just why Kylie Jenner’s toe looks so strange in photographs, you’re not alone. It’s time to get an answer that will put those worries to rest, and no, it’s not a photoshop fail

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are constantly in front of a camera. They’ve made a living from selling their influential appearance and social media endorsements. It’s no surprise that every move they make is under intense scrutiny. That kind of careful analysis apparently extends all the way from their heads to the tips of their toes. Why are fans obsessing over Kylie Jenner’s strange toe, and what’s behind it? 

Kylie Jenner has faced extra scrutiny over her looks 

While the entire Kardashian-Jenner family is constantly under intense pressure to look perfect at all times, Kylie Jenner has faced some extra pressure lately. Jenner is the youngest of the group, and she literally grew up in front of fans’ eyes. When she first made an appearance on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she was only 10 years old. 

Fans have seen Jenner go from a little girl to a grown woman, and, naturally, that means they’ve seen her go through some serious physical transformations. Many, however, are skeptical about the changes they’ve seen in Jenner’s looks. There is a lot of speculation that Jenner has undergone plastic surgery to alter everything from her lips to her breasts to her jawline. 

While Jenner denies ever having gone under the knife for her appearance, she does admit to using lip and face fillers. Many critics are still unconvinced and think that Jenner is altering her appearance in an extreme way. 

Many think Kylie Jenner’s toe looks weird

All of this scrutiny coupled with an active social media feed filled with photographs created the perfect storm for fans to pick out any little discrepancy in Jenner’s appearance. A primary target of this criticism is her toe. In many photographs, the middle toe on her right foot looks significantly shorter than the other toes. 

Fans have been quick to point out this seeming flaw and try to ascribe some meaning to it. With rampant photoshopping and filter usage a common theme for the Kardashian-Jenner family, many wondered if the toe was a sign of an editing job gone wrong. While it might seem strange that someone would edit their toe to appear abnormally short, fans pointed to the fact that the toe looked normal in many other photographs as evidence that something was amiss. 

Kylie Jenner with sunglasses partially covering her eyes
Kylie Jenner | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage/Getty Images

There’s an explanation for Kylie Jenner’s odd toe

While fans may have thought they cracked the case, Jenner finally decided to set them straight. There’s no editing problem, and her foot isn’t photoshopped in the pictures with the stunted toe. The reality is that the toe was broken in middle school and never quite healed right. 

Why, then, does the toe appear normal length in so many other photos? The explanation is simple: the shortened length is only apparent when Jenner flexes the rest of the toes on her foot forward. When her foot is flat against the ground, all of the toes appear normal length.

This explanation hasn’t been enough to fully get fans to stop scrutinizing the use of editing tools. In a photograph that features Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner posing in bathing suits on an outdoor staircase, Kylie Jenner’s toe deformity is clearly visible. However, some fans still believe the sisters edited the photograph to make themselves appear slimmer and taller. 

“They also distort their pictures with the vertical/horizontal distortion tool from Instagram,” one critic wrote. Another weighed in by explaining that it’s “just angles and visual tricks” and point to Jenner’s dangling foot as one way she makes her body appear more elongated than it really is. While these visual enhancements may be part of the picture, Jenner’s toe is not evidence of any funny business. It’s just a bone that healed in a strange position.