Fans Can’t Get Over How Expensive Kylie Jenner’s Gucci Lingerie Is

Kylie Jenner may not technically be a billionaire anymore, but the 22-year-old still has a net worth of $900 million and she’s not afraid to show it off. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet just purchased a $36.5 million resort-style home in Los Angeles, and she’s been giving us glimpses inside her new estate.

Though she’s now out of quarantine, Jenner used her time at home to showcase her wigs, outfits, handbags and everything in between. This included Chanel tennis rackets to lavish outfits while lounging on the couch. The makeup mogul has made it clear that neither Forbes nor a pandemic will stop her shine.

Jenner is known to post sultry pictures. However, her latest photo showcasing her body draped in lingerie has fans absolutely shook.

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Kylie Jenner loves to flaunt her wealth on Instagram

From her Instagram feed alone, it’s clear that Jenner is very much into her appearance. After some unflattering paparazzi photos of the makeup mogul hit the Internet in April 2020, Jenner has been working overtime to try and erase those memories from everyone’s brains.

She has been seen lounging and posing by the pool at her new 14-bathroom resort-style home. She’s also showcased the home’s expansive grounds in photos with her daughter Stormi, and given us glimpses into the kitchen area and tennis courts.

One fan asked what we all want to know about Jenner. They tweeted,  “Does @KylieJenner just play dress up around her house?” She responded by saying, “yes.”

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Kylie Jenner likes to post NSFW photos to show off her figure

In addition to the glossy photos that she constantly posts on her feed, Jenner also likes to sprinkle in some NSFW photos here and there. Recently, fans were stunned when Jenner showcased a video of herself in a bikini top with her stretch marks showing.

Jenner and her sisters have been criticized heavily for their apparent obsession with perfection and their overuse of filters and photoshop. “Kylie Jenner showing off her stretch marks unapologetically is growth,” one fan tweeted.

Another very popular NSFW photo of Jenner came in the months after her breakup with rapper, Travis Scott. Posed in lacy lingerie, Jenner captioned her photo, “just didn’t feel right going into 2020 without one last thirst trap😫🖤🖤 pic by @victoriavillarroel.”

Awkwardly, Scott posted a story that simply said, “LOL” seemingly in response to the photo.

Fans are stunned by Kylie Jenner’s expensive lingerie

Now in a recent sultry photo, Jenner is showcasing more of her lingerie collection, and fans are stunned by how expensive it is. Debuting a new platinum blonde look, Jenner showed off what she had on under her gray corset shirt and black leather pants.

Jenner stripped down to Gucci bralette following a night out in Beverly Hills and posted a photo for all of the world to see. The bralette has the Gucci logo delicately embroidered on tulle across the cups and its fairly see-through.

According to Page Six, the bralette comes in a set with matching briefs, and it retails for an astounding $1,100. Jenner has reportedly spent $130 million last year alone, so we doubt she’s phased.