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When the world was first introduced to Kylie Jenner in 2007, she was a 10-year-girl interested in playtime and dolls. However, as Keeping Up with the Kardashians continued, Jenner blossomed into a makeup mogul and fashionista who runs a multimillion-dollar empire and flaunts her lavish lifestyle on social media.

As she’s gotten older Jenner’s looks have changed drastically. Modeling after her older sister, Kim Kardashian West’s ultra-sexy mystique, Jenner is no stranger to draping herself in expensive clothes and lingerie for thirst trap photos.

Though Jenner certainly doesn’t have the height of her sisters, Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian, she’s not quite as short as you might think. In fact, considering how tiny she appears to be on her many videos and photos, we had no idea that Jenner is as tall as she is.

Kylie Jenner is obsessed with her looks

Jenner has not admitted to having any cosmetic surgery except for lip fillers. However, fans are not convinced her curvy petite figure came to her naturally or following the birth of her daughter, Stormi. No matter how she got her figure, it’s clear that Jenner is obsessed with the way that she looks.

Amid quarantine, some unflattering, makeup, and wig free paparazzi photos of Jenner were released. In what appeared to be an attempt to get the public to forget about those unretouched photos, Jenner has since gone on a binge of photos, showcasing her body.

One fan finally tweeted, “Does @KylieJenner just play dress up around her house?” The reality starlet saw the tweet and responded, “yes.”

Kylie Jenner is not the shortest member of the Karjenner family

Though she appears to be very petite, especially compared to her supermodel sister, Kendall, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul certainly isn’t the shortest member of the KarJenner family.

The tiniest KarJenner sibling is the eldest sister, Kourtney. She stands at just five feet even. The Poosh founder shared her height and weight following some intense sessions in the gym. “It’s Monday! Ps: I’m 5 feet tall, so everyone relax I’m on a workout kick, trying to bring some Monday motivation,” she said.

Kim Kardashian West just happens to be the next shortest sibling at five feet and two inches tall. Meanwhile, Kendall and Khloé are both 5′ 10″. However, Rob Kardashian is the tallest sibling at 6′ 1.”


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How tall is Kylie Jenner?

Jenner is actually the exact same height as her momager, Kris Jenner. Both women are 5 feet 6 inches tall. It’s no surprise that the Jenners are a tad taller than two of their older sister since their dad, Caitlyn Jenner is 6′ 2″. Jenner also looks petite next to her ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott who stands at 5′ 10.”

Still, height has little to do with Jenner’s stature in popular culture. She is no longer the wealthiest Karjenner with Kim taking her place following her massive sale of KKW Beauty. However, at 184 million followers on Instagram alone, Jenner is still the most influential.