Kylie Jenner Just Posted Travis Scott On Her Instagram and Fans Are Going Crazy

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have finally reunited. The two spent time together for their daughter’s second birthday party, which, of course, was far more extravagant than anyone could have imagined. Fans shared their reactions about the party, including their thoughts on Jenner and Scott reuniting.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott with Stormi
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott with Stormi in 2019 | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

Jenner and Scott dated for two and a half years

When Jenner and Scott first started hanging out, fans didn’t think much of it. It was spring 2017, and Jenner had recently split from rapper Tyga when she was spotted spending time with Scott. As the couple’s relationship started to heat up, they learned they were expecting their first child. Jenner and Scott managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for its entire nine months, though there was some speculation that she might be expecting.

The two welcomed their daughter, Stormi Webster, in February 2018. The couple dated for about a year and a half after having Stormi, though they split in October 2019. Since then, the two have still put their daughter first.

Jenner and Scott broke up last fall.

The two have managed to co-parent well

Jenner and Scott have spent plenty of time together since their split, though it hasn’t been anything romantic. They both want what’s best for Stormi, and they’re trying to give her the most normal life possible (complete with million-dollar birthday parties, of course). Scott and Jenner spent the holidays together alongside their little girl, and the two have said they’ll always have love for one another. Fans are still hoping the exes will rekindle the flame and end up together.

Fans were excited to see the two spending time together

Jenner and Scott met up once more for Stormi’s second birthday. Last year, the two threw their little girl an unforgettable “Stormi World” birthday party, and this year, they upped the ante even more. “Stormi World” part two featured different “worlds,” including Trolls World and Frozen World.

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Jenner and Scott reunited for Stormi’s birthday

Jenner posted several photos and videos in honor of her daughter’s birthday, and Scott was present in a few of them. The two seemed to genuinely enjoy being around each other. “Slightly obsessed with Kylie, Travis & Stormi but that’s my business,” someone posted to Twitter. “Kylie & Travis are such good coparents [sic],” another person wrote. “All I have to say is Kylie & Travis win co-parenting,” another user tweeted. Fans were loving the exes’ ability to keep things so civil for their daughter.

Some thought Stormi’s party was too over the top

Though Jenner and Scott were proud of the work they put in for Stormi’s birthday, some fans thought it was completely over the top. “While people are starving in [sic] the other side of the world…” one user wrote. “How about creating a magical experience for a kid born into poverty. Damn,” another user commented. “So many kids dying and you are thankful for wasting millions on a kid that is not even going to remember her second birthday… How ironic,” another person commented.

Jenner and Scott don’t seem to care that some are concerned with the cost of Stormi’s birthday. The two spoil their daughter in every way possible, and some fans are fine with it while others clearly are not. At the end of the day, though, the two apparently don’t let it bother them.