How Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Fans Guessing Over Rumored Pregnancy

Reports surfaced on Sept. 22, 2017, that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her and boyfriend Travis Scott’s first child together. However, the reality star has yet to make any public statements confirming or denying the news. Instead, she is keeping her fans guessing about whether or not the rumors are true.

This has prompted Jenner’s followers to look for clues that she or her famous family have dropped via social media or in interviews, but they haven’t made it easy. Here’s why everyone is left scratching their heads over this.

Jenner posts cryptic Instagram photo


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The day before the possible pregnancy news broke, Jenner posted an image to Instagram that her followers didn’t think much of at the time. However, after the internet blew up with reports that she was having a girl, this photo really got everyone’s attention, speculating if this was Jenner’s way of letting her fans know she was pregnant.

Kim Kardashian tweets it’s fake news

Just when we thought the pregnancy rumors could actually be true, Jenner’s older sister, Kim Kardashian, threw us a curve ball.

Kardashian took to Twitter with a link to a Harper’s Bazaar article which again claimed that Jenner was pregnant and detailed how her big sis reacted to the news. Mrs. West tweeted a pretty feisty response to the publication that the story sounded “very fake.”

Mama Kris will not confirm news

Kris Jenner hasn’t been forthcoming at all about if her youngest daughter is expecting either. During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch texted Ryan Seacrest to say that “Kylie is not confirming anything.”

In November, the momager appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and avoided any questions pertaining to whether the Life of Kylie star is preggers.

‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby’ Snap

Jenner, meanwhile, continued to confuse her many social media followers by posting a video to Snapchat with the song “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes After Sex playing in the background. Moreover, she captioned it “BABY” with a winking face emoji.

So, is she trolling us or trying to tell us something?

She claims tabloid pics were Photoshopped


On Nov. 5, some pictures were published by the Daily Mail showing what is supposedly Jenner’s baby bump, but the makeup mogul fired back claiming that the images were “Photoshopped.”

The X17Online, whose photographer took the pics, then responded to Jenner’s with a statement that the photos were in no way altered. “100% REAL! No Photoshop, #nofilter, no additives, no preservatives—all organic and all REAL!”

She’s still wearing baggy clothes

yesterday was cute. hope you had the happiest of birthdays Jordy. Love you forever ever and beyond..

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Although Jenner claimed that the baby bump pics aren’t real, there hasn’t been an explanation for why she’s only been seen in baggy clothes lately. One look at her social media accounts show the reality star in a way we’re not used to seeing her: all covered up in oversized sweats.

Jenner buys tampons

girls trip 11/5/17

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Probably the most confusing thing of all, and what really threw everyone off, is when Jenner posted on Snapchat her purchases at a convenience store. Some eagle-eyed followers noticed that underneath a pile of junk food was a box of tampons!

So, there could be a few different explanations for this. She could be using them to put on foundation, buying them for someone else, or just keeping us guessing. There’s also always the possibility she really isn’t pregnant. You decide.

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