Kylie Jenner Debuts Polarizing Short, Fluorescent, Nails

Though Kylie Jenner is quite the polarizing presence, the influence that the 22-year-old wields is undeniable. On Instagram alone, the reality TV star boasts an astronomical 177.9 million followers. Her celebrity status, coupled with her billionaire status, means that many people look to her to determine what is “cool” or “trendy”. Furthermore, many people seek to copy Jenner and her every move. Everything from her hair, to her nails, to her wardrobe is emulated in some fashion by those who support her.

Kylie Jenner nails
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But, Jenner has never been someone who sticks to one particular look. Taking after her elder sisters, Jenner is often seen as a chameleon. The reality TV star is always keeping her fans guessing by switching up her appearances. Two things that Jenner loves to switch up above all else (besides her skin tone) are her hair and her nails and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic certainly hasn’t stopped her from doing this.

Kylie Jenner is still getting her nails done amidst a pandemic

Though Jenner has encouraged her millions of fans to stay home and practice social distancing, she doesn’t seem to be practicing what she preaches. Despite the state of California warning its citizens that they are safer at home, Jenner has traveled and visited friends. Furthermore, her lastest Instagram photos clearly show that she’s been getting her hair and nails done.

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On May 23, 2020, Jenner took to her Instagram page to debut her newest nails. At the end of April, she shared her round, rainbow, manicure and her fans responded very positively to them. Jenner usually boasts super long, thick nails, so fans were enamored with how natural the shorter nails looked. For her latest manicure, Jenner decided to go a little longer and opted for a new shape. Instead of round, the nails are square and Jenner chose to do french tips with fluorescent yellow and blue.

The billionaire’s fans react to her new nails on Instagram

Fans seemed to really respond to the highlighter-inspired manicure. The post quickly racked up over 3 million likes and fans in the comments proceeded to compliment Jenner on her choice of nails. Furthermore, many people stated that Jenner’s nails would serve as the ultimate inspiration for their next manicure. “Nails always on point,” one Instagram user wrote. “Perfect length! Love the choice of colors, 💛💙💛” another person chimed in. “I want some like this,” yet another person wrote, tagging their nail artist.

But, not everyone was keen on gushing over Jenner’s latest manicure. Many called her out for getting a non-essential service and then bragging about it on social media. Others added that they’d love to get a manicure, but they were abiding by the social distancing rules. “Wish I could get my nails done, 😒” one person wrote. “Salons are open now???” another person questioned sarcastically.

Jenner will likely continue to leave her house

Others chose to call out the hypocrisy of celebrities “Celebrities love saying we in this together- naw you have a nail tech that will come to you and I have my left hand painting my right=disaster,” yet another person wrote. Clearly, not even a pandemic will stop Jenner from getting her nails done. We can only hope the young mom is taking some precautions while getting manicures to protect herself and others.