Kylie Jenner Once Credited This Grammy-Award Winning Singer for Helping Her Stay True to Herself

For someone who’s been in the spotlight for much of her life, one would think that Kylie Jenner is comfortable being in front of the camera. However, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s admitted that she doesn’t always enjoy being in the public eye and hides her true self from the internet.

But despite not showing her online following the person she really is, Jenner tries to stay true to herself in her everyday life, which is something one famous singer encouraged her to do.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

Kylie Jenner is a social media maven

For the last few years, Jenner has been known as one of the most popular social media influencers, with a whopping 185 million followers on Instagram alone.

While being a famous reality star and the founder of one of the most lucrative beauty companies in the world played a part in Jenner becoming a social media maven, much of her online fame has a lot to do with the content she posts.

From flaunting her designer threads and luxury cars to documenting her many exotic vacations, fans love that Jenner’s social media accounts give them insight into her lavish lifestyle.

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But being a social media influencer has come at a cost for Jenner as she’s been a victim of online bullying since her early teens.

Though she has millions of adoring fans who give her nothing but praise, the makeup mogul also has her fair share of trolls who’ve made looking at online comments an anxiety-ridden task for Jenner.

“I wake up every morning with the worst anxiety,” she revealed in a 2015 issue of Interview magazine. “I wake up every morning at, like, seven or eight because I think that there’s a bad story about me, and I have to check. My worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the internet.”

Kylie Jenner tries not to show her true self online

Though she hasn’t let the negativity stop her from posting content on social media, Jenner’s admitted that being in the public eye has prevented her from showing her true self online.

“Having a reality TV show, and an app and Snapchat, people think they know exactly who you are,” she told TIME in 2015. “People think they have a perfect idea of who you are from a four-second Snapchat video… and fake blogs, stories, magazine covers. In reality, that’s not the case. Nobody knows who I am except family and my close friends.”

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In a 2016 interview with Allure, Jenner noted that embracing one’s whole self online leaves “more room for people to say things about you,” which is why she’s refused to show the world who she really is.

“People think that since we have a reality-TV show and I show so much of my life that they know who I am. But on Snapchat I show people what I think they want to see,” she said. “That’s not me. It’s a projected image. A brand. I’m not a different person. I just don’t show all of me.”

Lady Gaga encouraged Kylie Jenner to keep being her authentic self

Though she’s hidden her true self from the public over the years, Jenner’s online posts have still attracted the likes of millions of people around the world, including mega pop stars like Lady Gaga.

In fact, the “Bad Romance” singer even complimented the Kylie Cosmetics founder on her social media presence in addition to giving her some valuable advice.

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“[Gaga] came up to me and was like, ‘I think you’re so amazing, and whatever you’re doing, people are just obsessed with it,'” Jenner recalled while speaking with Interview magazine.

She then revealed that Gaga encouraged her to stay true to herself. “She basically told me to not change. I feel like that really helped me, because there’s a reason why I have so many followers and why people pay so much attention to me. So I just try not to change and stay authentic.”