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Kylie Jenner and the entire KarJenner family are extremely polarizing in popular culture. The famous family climbed to the A-list in 2007 with the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian West became known for her curvy figure, beauty, and the fact that she seemingly had no talent.

Since then, Kardashian West has more than proven her work ethic from her various brands including KKW Beauty and Skims as well as her work helping incarcerated persons gain their freedom. However, her siblings, including Jenner are another story.

Jenner has been accused of appropriating a Black look for fame and clout, stealing her ideas from Black women, and lying about her billionaire status. After she appeared in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion‘s “WAP” video fans signed a petition to get her out. Now, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO is in the middle of yet another controversy.

Kylie Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing in the past

From foolish claims that she “invented wings” to darkening her skin and creating a curvey body and fuller features from alleged cosmetic surgeries, Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation and Blackfishing repeatedly.

Black women have worn styles like cornrows and long nails forever, but when the KarJenners discovered them, these styles suddenly turned fashionable and groundbreaking instead of “ghetto.” More than simply appropriating Black women’s hairstyle and esthetic, Jenner has been accused of straight-up blackfishing. Nurse Dara Thurmond explained,

We’re coming into a time where you see a lot of black women really expressing themselves and stepping into their blackness, and owning it, and not being ashamed of it anymore. So it makes sense why it’s happening — because I guess some people who are white-presenting feel like they’re not the standard anymore. So now they’re trying to do things to stay relevant and keep their popularity.

Kylie Jenner reportedly called herself a ‘brown-skinned girl’ on Instagram

This all came to a head recently when under a selfie, Jenner seemingly used a caption from Beyoncé’s “Brown Skin Girl” calling herself, a white woman from Calabasas, a “brown-skinned girl.”

Though there are reported screenshots of the caption, Jenner’s post now reads, “brown-eyed girl.” However, fans claim they saw the original caption for themselves.

One person wrote, “It’s the fact that you that it was ok to say, brown-skinned girl.” Another added, “Please show me where and how you are a ‘brown-skinned girl’?? The audacity is repulsive.” Yet another person added, “Now I see why they didn’t want you in the WAP video.”


Fans Are Confused by Kylie Jenner Seemingly Calling Herself a ‘Brown Skinned Girl’ on Instagram

Kylie Jenner says she never used the term ‘brown-skinned girl’

Though an alleged screenshot of the “original post” with the “brown-skinned girl” caption is floating around Beyoncé internet, Jenner is adamant that it never happened. TMZ is reporting,

Kylie insists she never wrote it, plain and simple. We’re told the caption was always “brown-eyed girl,” and that the other caption making the rounds online is simply a doctored image circulated by trolls. Her camp is firm — she never changed it at all.

If it fact the caption always read “brown-eyed girl” it might be time for Jenner to reassess how she moves and styles herself. All of these people aren’t in an uproar for no reason.