Kylie Jenner Finally Responded To A Fan’s Instagram Comment and Everyone is Freaking Out

Kylie Jenner is arguably the queen of social media. She was the woman who made Snapchat cool (and subsequently made it lame again), and she is one of Instagram’s most-followed celebrities. The beauty mogul, though very present on social media, hardly ever responds to fans’ comments, since she receives thousands on each post. But when she unexpectedly replied to one fan, everyone else went crazy.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Michael Stewart/WireImage

Jenner loves posting to social media

Jenner grew up in the social media age. She was only nine years old when Keeping Up With the Kardashians began filming, and though she didn’t have nearly as much fame as her sisters for a long time, she was able to build a brand for herself by getting a head start at a young age through social media. Jenner joined Instagram back in 2011 when she was barely a teenager. She has spent the past eight years building her following, which she credits as a major reason for the success of her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Today, Jenner loves posting to Instagram. She often posts multiple photos per day and now has more than 150 million followers.

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She receives thousands of comments per post

With so many people watching Jenner’s every move, it comes as no surprise that she receives so many comments. Any given post might have thousands of comments; some are spam (such as people promoting their careers or profiles, or others commenting “LB” and “CB” for “like back” and “comment back,” respectively). But there are plenty of genuine comments as well; most of them are doting on Jenner, complimenting her appearance, and referring to her as “queen.” Jenner occasionally does see some backlash on her posts, depending on who or what is in the photo, but it’s rare.

Jenner finally replied to one fan’s question

With so many comments pouring into her posts, it’s nearly impossible for Jenner to read and see all of them. For that reason, she hardly ever replies to fans. Occasionally, if one of her sisters or BBFs writes something, she’ll respond. But for the most part, she lets the comments run their course. However, when she finally responded to a fan’s comment, people couldn’t believe it.

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On Jenner’s post of her wearing a Chanel winter outfit, one user wrote, “Are you coming out with a 2020 calendar?” to which Jenner replied, “not this year,” complete with a heart emoji. When fans saw that she had responded, they were loving it. “Now you reply [to] comments ooh girl thank God,” one user wrote. “I love you boo,” someone else said when they saw she had replied. Some fans had simple replies such as, “Hello Kylie,” while others sent emojis the beauty mogul’s way.

She has built herself into one of the world’s most successful women

Jenner might not reply to comments because she probably doesn’t have time. With such a massive beauty brand, Jenner has built herself into one of the world’s most successful women. At 22, she is worth more than $1 billion. She also spends her time caring for her daughter, Stormi, who has taken up quite a bit of her life, too. And Jenner shows no signs of slowing down; she just sold off more than half of her beauty brand and is hoping to expand it even more globally. We’re excited to see what she’s up to next.