Kylie Jenner Shocks Fans With Her Craziest Hair Color Yet

Kylie Jenner loves to try new styles. The 22-year-old beauty mogul has become a fashion icon now that she’s one of the most-followed people on Instagram, and almost everything she wears is adored by her fans. She’s always seen her hair as an accessory to her style, and though Jenner has taken some heat for some of her looks in the past, her most recent hair color has fans obsessed — but it’s definitely her most interesting color yet.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Michael Stewart/WireImage

Kylie Jenner has been known to surprise fans with a new look

Though she’s the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Jenner has made quite a name for herself in only a few short years. She developed her brand, Kylie Cosmetics, when she was only 18, and in spring 2019, she became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. But Jenner credits her social media presence for a lot of her success, so, naturally, she needs to always keep those 156 million followers entertained.

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throwback bts of my Holiday Collection shoot

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Jenner typically switches between long, dark hair and a short bob.

Jenner has become quite an icon on social media. She loves showing off new outfits and accessories, including her massive handbag collection, which is worth at least $1 million. But Jenner also loves to show off new hairstyles in her photos, from her signature dark bob to her wild green and purple wigs. She mostly sticks with dark hair, though she switches up the length from above the shoulders to below the tailbone.

Jenner has taken some criticism for her recent looks

With so many followers, Jenner has also opened herself up to a lot of criticism. A recent photo of Jenner wearing her hair in twists was heavily criticized as cultural appropriation, since twists are seen as a protective hairstyle typically worn by black women. The January 3 post was quickly deleted, and it’s not the only form of criticism Jenner has received.

People have started to comment more and more on Jenner’s “plastic” appearance, though the Kylie Cosmetics owner suggests she has never had any true plastic surgery. She did, however, admit that she has received facial fillers and lip injections in an interview, both of which are the reason for her stark change in appearance. Fillers tend to smooth lines and create a more contoured look without makeup.

Most Fans seem to love her new yellow hair

Though Jenner deleted her photo wearing twists, she quickly replaced it with a completely new look: bright yellow hair. On January 4, Jenner debuted her long, yellow locks while wearing a skin tight dress and matching yellow handbag. Fans were obsessed with the new look, including celebrity BFFs Hailey Bieber and Rose Bertram, who both commented on the photo.

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Many others loved the new hairstyle as well. “You are [so] fire,” one user wrote. “Wow you are so beautiful,” another user commented. Many people took to the post to obsess over Jenner’s new look, though, of course, there were some criticisms. “When you pee in your hair,” one user joked. Others simply commented their dislike for the style. But Jenner has never seemed to mind what her critics say. Right now, it’s unclear how long she’ll keep the hairstyle, but she’s clearly having fun with it.