Kylie Jenner: ‘Quarantine Has Me Doing a Lot of Sh*t I Wouldn’t Normally Do’

Kylie Jenner has been spending as much time inside as the rest of us these days. And that means she’s searching for new hobbies, too. Jenner has found herself trying new things, such as spending more time cooking — and planting her own garden. And she reveals that quarantine has her doing things she normally never would.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

Kylie Jenner has been telling her fans to stay home

Jenner has been doing her best to abide by the stay at home order in place in California, and she’s been asking her fans to do the same. For the past month, Jenner has been reminding her fans through Instagram that staying home is important in order to flatten the curve. She’s posted plenty of Instagram stories hanging out around her property and spending quality time with Stormi. She did leave home for one weekend, though, to celebrate Easter at Kris Jenner’s home in Palm Springs.

Jenner has practiced her cooking skills over the past few weeks

Instagram stories have become one of the best ways for Jenner to show off her quarantine life. She’s posted plenty of photos and videos in the kitchen, and she’s even walked fans through step-by-step recipes.

Jenner has showed off her avocado toast with honey, her lemon pound cake, and she even gave fans a tutorial of how to make banana pancakes. The beauty mogul has also had fun creating other cakes and cupcakes using her massive array of sprinkles that she keeps in the pantry. More time at home has likely allowed her to bond with Stormi more, too — the mother-daughter duo has been closer than ever now that Jenner is always home.

She recently planted a garden and said she’s trying ‘a lot of sh*t’

Jenner just took followers on a tour of her newest quarantine endeavor: Starting a garden. She took several videos of her garden area as well as photos to better showcase the herbs and plants she’s growing.

Kylie Jenner shows off her new garden
Kylie Jenner shows off her new garden | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Jenner said on the video tour that she’s always wanted a garden (but presumably never had time for one). “Quarantine has me doing a lot of Sh*t I wouldn’t normally do,” Jenner told her followers. Still, she seemed thrilled to finally be getting a chance to focus on some hobbies she’s never had the free time to try.

Jenner seems to be doing her best to entertain her followers

These days, all of the Kardashians have been spending most of their time at home. Despite having the money and means to go anywhere in the world, the family is likely trying to set a good example for their followers by doing their best to flatten the curve.

 Jenner has been finding ways to still communicate with her followers even though her life is more boring than usual. Her cooking tutorials and garden tour are just two of the ways her Instagram has shifted gears since the coronavirus pandemic started. And with things still up in the air about how long the situation could last, Jenner will likely pull out a few more fun ways to keep people entertained over the next few weeks — or months.

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