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Kylie Jenner had been sheltering in her Calabasas mansion with her two-year-old daughter Stormi amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The makeup mogul has spoken openly about the importance of staying in and flattening the curve. Aside from a trip to Palm Springs to see her mother, Kris Jenner, for the Easter holiday, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had been keeping busy in her home.

From making cookies with Stormi to encouraging her little girl to swim, Jenner, who had remained home during the duration of her pregnancy seemed content with quarantining and isolation. However, in recent weeks it seems like the KUWTK star is getting antsy under California’s Stay-At-Home mandate.

Last week, unflattering photos of a barefoot Jenner were released after she visited with her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou. Not only were fans concerned about Jenner’s clear lack of hygiene, but she was also violating the quarantine mandate. Additionally, many people were stunned to see Jenner without makeup or one of her infamous wigs. Now, the Kylie Cosmetics founder has been spotted again in much more flattering photos and people are convinced she staged them.

Kylie Jenner’s barefoot paparazzi photos shocked fans

Since Jenner was a major voice calling for people to shelter in, fans were alarmed when she was spotted leaving her best friend’s home. Even more concerning, Jenner was not spotted wearing a mask or any shoes. It seems highly unsanitary at this time to run around outdoors without anything converting your feet.

Clutching a bottle of water and some Lays chips, fans were shocked to see a barefaced Jenner who looks drastically different from the photos she posts on Instagram. One fan said, “The entire family is very good at this – aka living a lie.” Another added, “Hypocrites as usual.”

Since then, Jenner has posted some “makeup-free” videos on her Instagram account that look drastically different from these paparazzi photos.

A new set of paparazzi photos of Kylie Jenner were just released

Days after the release of those barefoot photos, Jenner was photographed out and about again, once again violating California’s Stay-At-Home order. This time, the mother-of-one was seen in a very different light. Dressed in a white tank-top, jeans, and Air Force Ones, Jenner’s makeup was flawless and she a wearing a honey blond wig and smizing at the camera.

Interestingly enough she was also clutching a mask in her hand as she opened her car door. It looks like the KUWTK was trying to do some quick damage control.

Fans are convinced Kylie Jenner just staged these paparazzi photos

Despite Jenner seemingly trying to fix her previous missteps, fans were not at all convinced or amused. One fan tweeted, “Kylie Jenner is deliberately planning paparazzi photo shoots during a pandemic….. chile.” Another fan was equally exasperated, “Kylie Jenner really got one subpar (unphotoshopped) paparazzi pic of herself leaked and had a complete identity crisis.” Someone else added, “the way kylie cares about how she looks for the paparazzi during a mf pandemic i have no words.”