Kylie Jenner Fans Still Can’t Get Over Stormi’s Ring; ‘It’s Bigger Than My Engagement Ring’

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner leads a lavish lifestyle. Born into wealth, the 22-year-old now boasts a net worth of a billion dollars and has no qualms about spending it. Most recently, the Kylie Cosmetics co-owner dropped over $10,000 a night on a vacation to the Bahamas. But, as much as Jenner loves treating herself, she seems to love spoiling her two-year-old daughter, Stormi, even more.

Travis Scott, Stormi Webster, and Kylie Jenner
Travis Scott, Stormi Webster, and Kylie Jenner | Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

At just two years old, Stormi Webster has led a more cultured life than most adults. The toddler has traveled abroad from beaches in Turks and Caicos to yachting through the Italy. She also has some of the most expensive clothing, toys, and jewelry that money can buy. Jenner makes it a point to celebrate her only child as much as possible. The billionaire creates an entire “world” for her daughter’s birthday, and even threw her a separate party just a few days prior to celebrate her first makeup collaboration. Stormi’s father, Travis Scott, is also a celebrity with a net worth of $40 million, so the two-year-old will never want for anything.

Kylie Jenner flaunts her net worth for her daughter

But despite Jenner’s net worth and penchant for spoiling her daughter, fans are always surprised at the gifts that Stormi receives. One of the most extravagant gifts in recent months was the diamond ring that the toddler received for Christmas. While most people don’t receive a diamond ring until well into adulthood (if ever) Stormi got hers before she even turned two. While critics argued that it was a safety hazard and ridiculous, fans gushed over the luxurious present.

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Over two months later and fans still can’t get over the ring. On March 8, 2020, Jenner took to her Instagram page to post several pictures of her daughter. “To our future women 🤍 #internationalwomensday,” Jenner captioned the eight pictures of Stormi. In the photos, Stormi sports overalls and is shown driving a mini Mercedes, playing with a dog, and eating a sucker. The final shot is aerial shot and gives a close up of the ring.

Fans react to the ring on Instagram

Immediately, fans began to make note of the diamond once more. Many women exclaimed that the ring was bigger than their engagement rings. “I bet that’s a real diamond on her finger… and it’s bigger than my engagement ring,” one person wrote. “Why Stormi wearing my engagement ring 🤣😩,” another person joked, stating that their engagement ring was similar in size.

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to our future women #internationalwomensday

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Others began speculating over the cost of the ring. They began to joke that the ring probably cost more than anything they owned. “Her diamond ring is worth more than my life 😩😩😩😩,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments. “Her ring prob cost more than my house,” another person co-signed. Jenner’s other fans made mention of other luxurious gifts Stormi has received, e.g a Birkin bag, a playhouse, and a mini Mercedes.

Stormi also has a house and a car

“I was just saying. Her play house is bigger than my apartment and that diamond!!! 😂” another person joked. “The fact that she has a f*kn Mercedes and a diamond ring,” one fan wrote in disbelief. With all the lavish gifts Stormi has received (and all before she’ll even be able to remember them) we can’t help but wonder how Jenner will continue to outdo herself with gifts. Ultimately though, with a billion dollars to blow through, we’re sure she’ll think of something.