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Kylie Jenner is not letting the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis bring her down. In addition to donated $1 million to help the Los Angeles healthcare system, and advocating for self-quarantining and social distancing, the 22-year-old makeup mogul is using this unique moment to spend quality time with her daughter.

Since the crisis began, Jenner and two-year-old Stormi have been holed up in their Calabasas home, like two peas in a pod. On her Instagram account, the Kylie Beauty founder has showcased everything from Stormi’s bubble baths to their cookie baking session, and even their mommy/daughter Keeping Up with the Kardashians watch party.

Jenner has also used the time to practice styling Stormi’s curly hair, something she’s been open about practicing in the past. She recently styled the toddler’s curls into a high ponytail, and it was honestly the cutest.

Kylie Jenner has been enjoying quality time with Stormi

Though many people are struggling amid self-isolation, Jenner has found the entire ordeal quite easy. After all, after she got pregnant with Stormi, she spent months in the house away from the spotlight. “After I got pregnant, I spent so much time at home, I love it,” she revealed to Harper’s BAZAAR. “I love to lie in my bed and watch movies and forget about the world. Sometimes I take some time off, let the nannies take days off, and hang out at home with Stormi.”

Thankfully, Jenner and Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott have come up with a slew of activities so that their baby girl is never bored.

Kylie Jenner loves styling Stormi’s hair

It’s no secret that Jenner loves to switch up her own hair with her various wigs. Her collection includes a multitude of lengths, styles, and bold colors. Since Stormi’s hair texture is so different than her own, Jenner has had to learn the best products and techniques to use on her baby girl.

In April 2019, the makeup mogul shared an Instagram video of herself gently brushing the then 1-year-old’s curls. “I love doing her hair,” she captioned the video. “I’m not the best. But I love learning. Some of my favorite memories are of my mom doing my hair. Can’t wait till [Stormi’s] hair is long enough to all fit in the pony. Gotta make it work for now.”

Kylie Jenner styled Stormi’s hair into a high ponytail

From braids with beads to her curly afro, Stormi already has several go-to styles. Recently, Jenner shared a video of herself styling the tot’s hair into a high ponytail, with perfectly swirled baby hairs.

The style went perfectly with Stormi’s gold “S” shaped earrings. The little one remained calm and still, watching her tablet as she got her hair styled. Jenner gently pulled one of the curls to showcase how much Stormi’s hair has grown. She captioned the video “hair by mommy and it’s getting sooo long,” 

Despite the chaos of the world, it’s good to see that Stormi is still happy and delighted and unaffected by everything that’s happening.