Kylie Jenner Can Never Give Her Daughter Stormi the ‘Normal’ Life She Desperately Wanted for Her

When you’re 22-years old with a net worth of nearly a billion dollars, nothing is normal. Kylie Jenner has been wealthy for her entire life. However, in 2015 after founding her beauty empire Kylie Cosmetics, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star‘s bank accounts have exploded.

Jenner loves showing off her wealth on Instagram. From a fully loaded and customized Rolls Royce to a massive collection of luxury handbags, couture gowns, a new $36.5 million resort-style home, and so much more, Jenner loves luxury and she’s not afraid to show it.

Since the star hid her pregnancy with her daughter, Stormi, many people thought she would keep the tot away from the public eye. However, that has not happened. At this rate, as she bestoyes Stormi’s with lavish jewelry, handbags, and vacations, the 2-year-old will never have a normal life.

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coolest baby to ever do ittt⛈

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Kylie Jenner says she wants her daughter Stormi to have a ‘normal’ life

When Jenner and Stormi’s dad, rapper Travis Scott went their separate ways in the fall of 2019, they were adamant that their main focus was going to be on Stormi. The pair may no longer be in a romantic relationship but they are best friends and they do everything in their power to make their baby happy. An insider told Hollywood Life,

When Kylie and Travis broke up, it was a no-brainer that her only focus no matter what happened between them was co-parenting and Stormi’s happiness,Kylie feels her parents served as amazing role models for her growing up because although she grew up in a big family, they were always there for her. Kylie wants to ensure Stormi has that same sense of security.

Jenner has also said that she has no desire to force Stormi in the spotlight. Though the little one doesn’t often appear on KUWTK, her constant presence on Jenner’s social media pages which have nearly 200 million followers have many fans raising their eyebrows.

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i knew i won when i had you

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Fans think Kylie Jenner treats Stormi like an accessory

Though she appears to be a loving and doting mom by all accounts, Jenner has been accused of treating her baby daughter like an accessory to her plush lifestyle.

Jenner’s wealth means that she is able to give Stormi all of the things her heart desires. Sometimes, these things are normal kiddy things like M&Ms but after gifting her little one with a $1,000 Louis Vuitton bag, fans were horrified.

“I feel like some of these kids are pretty much-living accessories for them,” one Instagram user wrote. Another added, “Shame on whoever said it’s ok to use Stormi this way.”

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my babyy

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Stormi will never have the normal life Kylie Jenner wants for her

Jenner has been adamant about wanting Stormi to have a normal life. Unfortunately, t may be too little, too late for that. The adorable tot’s name and face is known across the world.

Also with Jenner’s net worth and Scott’s net worth of $50 million, the pair have already begun saving and investing for Stormi’s future. Celebrity Net Worth is estimating that at age two, Stormi is already worth $3 million, much more than most adults.