Kylie Jenner Threw Stormi a Fairy-Garden Party Full of Butterflies

After a ton of anticipation and questions about the theme — Kylie Jenner threw her daughter, Stormi Webster, an epic birthday soiree to celebrate the little one’s second year of life. Though the makeup mogul had previously been extremely secretive about the theme, wanting to live up to Stormi’s first birthday, Stormi’s World, it turns out that her big idea for he party was right in front of our noses the whole time.

In early January, Jenner announced that she would be releasing a Stormi Collection for Kylie Beauty on Stormi’s birthday, Feb. 1. With whimsical pastals and a ton of butterflies, the collection is like a fairytale garden come to life.

In fact, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star used that fairytale garden theme as the basis for Stormi’s birthday bash.

Kylie Jenner Stormi's Party
Kylie Jenner Stormi’s Party | Instagram

This is why Kylie Jenner was being so secretive about Stormi’s birthday

No one really knew what theme Stormi’s big day would be centered around until they arrived at the party. Apparently, Jenner, who is famous for her parties, loves the element of surprise.

“She’s not sharing anything with anyone and likes to keep it a surprise like the last party,” a source told Hollywood Life before the party. “She likes to make these things special for Stormi but also for herself. Of course, Travis is invited, but she’s really handling everything which is what she did last time, too. She still doesn’t see a reconciliation happening at this time, but never say never. She cares about him and always will as the father of her child and she wants them to always come together for Stormi’s milestones.”

This is how much Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott spent on Stormi’s party

Just after the holidays in 2019, Jenner tweeted that she’d already started prepping for Stormi’s big day. “Everyone knows it will be huge and over the top,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She’s done a ton of meetings and is making sure every little detail is taken care of with the party planner. She loves everything to be customized with colors, engraving, embellishments etc. Like any Kardashian party, no detail will be missed.”

According to TMZ, the mogul and her former beau spent $100,000 for the garden-themed soiree.

Inside Stormi Webster’s garden party second birthday bash

Stormi’s big day was absolutely gorgeous. For her special day, Stormi was dressed in a pale pink dress covered in butterflies. The party had tons of butterflies, from butterfly-shaped hotdogs, butterfly-shaped sandwiches and chairs, fairy wings, and even a massive garden-vine swing that Stormi got to enjoy with her dad. The pinks and purples that can be found in the Kylie Cosmetics’ Stormi collection were also all over the party.

The party was super girly and photo-worthy. It was also the second event that Jenner and Scott partook in to celebrate their little one’s big day. Last week, they were spotted having the best time at Disney World where Stormi wore an adorable pair of Minnie-Mouse ears. An insider who spotted the former couple and their little one told E! News, “they seemed to be having fun and looked pretty carefree.”