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It’s no secret that the entire KarJenner clan is really big on holidays. From massive birthday celebrations to lush baby showers and their extravagent annual Christmas party, the reality family adores a big party. Valentine’s Day is no exception. While most people celebrate the day of love with their significant others or ignore it altogether, the KarJenner’s lavish on their friends and family members.

This year Karjenner matriarch, Kris Jenner, got all of her grandchildren adorable gifts and the Kardashian sisters also exchanged cutesy presents with one another. However, Kylie Jenner, the queen of parties, went all out with a gorgeous Valentine’s Day brunch.

Inside Kylie Jenner’s Valentine’s Day brunch

After Stormi’s massive birthday celebration and the pink-themed party she threw for Khloé Kardashian’s 35th birthday, it’s clear that Kylie Jenner is the party-throwing queen. On Valentine’s Day, she hosted a gorgeous out-door brunch for all of her closest girlfriends (and Stormi).

Each table setting was in Valentine’s Day colors and included a sweet note to her friends on why she loves them, a rose, heart-shaped suckers, and a teddy bear full of M&Ms. For her friend Yris Palmer, she wrote, “I ❤️you because of the way you’re always there for me.” Her friend Stassie Karanikolaou’s note read: “I ❤️you because you make me smile when I forget how to.”

There was also a group-painting activity like the one Chicago West had at her Minnie Mouse-themed birthday. Stormi even got to participate with her own tiny canvas where she showcased her illustrious handprints.

This is the food that Kylie Jenner served at her Valentine’s Day brunch

In addition to the sweet notes and activities — Jenner had a gorgeous spread of food at her Valentine’s Day brunch. The food items included a massive fruit tray, cinnamon buns, heart-shaped shrimp, chocolate-covered strawberries, and avocado toast. There were also mimosas for drinking.

It looks like a good time was had by all.

Kylie Jenner may have also spent Valentine’s Day with Travis Scott

Though they broke up in October 2019 after two years together, it’s no secret that Jenner and Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott, have remained really close. In fact, there are whispers that the duo is back together, but are taking it slow.

 “Kylie and Travis are avoiding putting a label on things because as soon as they do, they are going to get hit with a million opinions,” a source explained to Hollywood Life. “And right now they just don’t want to deal with that. They are still figuring stuff out and are trying to slow it all down. Travis would really like to get back together with Kylie but she’s told friends she’s unsure if she can trust him again. They truly love each other, but she has her fears. They’re very focused on co-parenting Stormi and their love for one another remains strong. Travis has been more present with Kylie and they communicate very, very often. He would hate to lose her to another guy. Neither considers themselves in a relationship other than a co-parenting one. It’s clear the door is not closed, but it’s a constant work in progress. Kylie is doing her best to fully trust him. She loves him and would also hate to lose him. But she has to do what’s right for Stormi and herself.”

However, Jenner did showcase her home covered in a sea of sunflowers — which are her favorite– on Valentine’s Day, we’re going to guess this was Scott’s doing.