Kylie Jenner’s Best Halloween Costume, According to Kylie Jenner

It’s that time of year again and no one does Halloween quite like the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The sisters are always ready to show off their creative, bold, and sexy costumes every year.

In 2020, the youngest Kar-Jenner sibling joined a group of friends dressing as each of the Power Rangers for the holiday. Kylie Jenner was the Red Ranger from the ’90s superhero television series. But before the makeup mogul shared that costume with fans, she took a little walk down memory lane to rank her best costumes over the years.

 Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner | Robert Kamau/GC Images

On Oct. 22, Jenner rated her past costumes from when she was a child to 2019. She ranked them from one through 10 with 10 being the highest. She couldn’t pick just one so she gave a few of them the top score. However, she did call one “iconic” and said she still gets tweets about it today. Read on to find out which costume that is and see some more of Jenner’s best looks over the years.

Kylie Jenner as Barbie times 2

In 2018, Jenner dressed as a Barbie doll, not once but twice.

Of the photo on the left, the Kylie Cosmetics founder said: “I wanted to do traditional Barbie. We built the whole box — I still have the box. When I do Halloween, I want everything to be exact.”

“Kylie chose a few Barbie styles she liked and I worked with Jill Jacobs to make them a reality,” fashion designer Bryan Hearns told E! News. “She sent measurements and then we had one in-person fitting.”

The photo on the right shows Jenner channeling the Totally Hair 25th Anniversary Barbie, which is still available for purchase today.

Angel with a baby

In 2017, Jenner dresses as an angel while pregnant with her daughter, Stormi.

The baby bump-hugging white getup featured feather-coated wings and a glittery mini dress. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star completed the look with a blonde updo and white ankle-wrap pumps.

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The little ‘sexy’ mermaid

Jenner’s Ariel the Little Mermaid costume in 2019 was definitely one of her most memorable. And as she described it, it definitely sounded like one of her favorites.

“Ariel was so amazing! I loved being the sexy, grownup version of her,” Jenner recalled, adding, “I felt like a bad bitch in this costume.”

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Jenner’s ‘iconic’ costume

So which costume did the reality star call “iconic” and one that fans still send her tweets about today? That would be when she dressed up as Xtina aka Christina Aguilera.

The look was from the pop singer’s 2002 video “Dirrty”, and not only did Jenner’s fans love the costume but so did Aguilera herself.

“[In] 2016 I did Christina Aguilera. I love her,” the Life of Kylie star said. “The piercings are obviously fake, we did a wig. I still get Tweets about this. It was iconic, so 10/10.”

The “Genie in a Bottle” artist even reached out to Jenner and invited her to her birthday party asking that she come dressed as Xtina to that affair, which she did.