Kylie Jenner’s Fans Are Disappointed With Her After New ‘What’s In My Bag’ Video Drops

Kylie Jenner took fans inside her massive closet to show off “What’s In My Bag” — and her fans aren’t too happy about it, believing that she isn’t being very authentic. Instead, many took aim at Jenner for appearing to do one giant ad for her products.

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What’s in Kylie Jenner’s bag?

Jenner invited fans into her massive closet and her uber expensive Hermès Birkin purse for a YouTube video titled ‘What’s In My Bag.’ It’s a simple enough concept — Jenner revealed what she’s likely to carry in her purse every day.

Turns out her mom, Kris Jenner, urged her to get the spendy purse. “I love this bag. This actually was one of my very first Birkin bags,” she explained. “Surprisingly, Kris Jenner told me to buy this bag” since it’s rare. “I think you need it. These bags are great investments,” Jenner recalled her mom telling her.

“So Kris Jenner told me to buy this bag and when Kris Jenner tells you to do something, you do it,” Jenner added.

Once she got that out of the way, she shared one important item she carries everywhere, a Kylie Skin spray-on hand sanitizer, that hasn’t launched yet. She also showed off some other unreleased products, including Kylie Skin scrunchies and plumping lip glosses available at Ulta in October.

Her Kylie branded items didn’t end there, with Kylie Cosmetics “Kendall” blotting powder gracing the bag. Jenner referred to it as her “best friend” since it’s “hot as f*ck” right now. Her go-to “favorite perfume of all time” is a collaboration with Kim Kardashian for KKW Beauty, which won Fragrance of the Year.

Other Kylie branded products included makeup remover wipes, sunscreen, lip balm, and lipstick.

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Kylie Jenner had some fun items in the bag too

Of course, it wasn’t all beauty and skincare items. Jenner also pulled out some sillier things, including the “Vivacious Vegetable Pea” stuffed toy from Jellycat that she called her “little friend” who “makes me happy.” She also had a pack of pink Kylie Uno cards and a pink camera that her sister Kendall gave her for her 23rd birthday. Jenner said she can capture “even the smallest adventures” of her daughter Stormi.

She also had an applesauce pouch in her purse for Stormi and some staples, like her wallet, sunglasses, masks (which says Kylie, naturally), a phone charger, and gum.

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Fans weren’t impressed by Kylie Jenner’s video

Many fans voiced their disappointment with Jenner’s video, with some believing it featured too many Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics products.

“8 minutes 2 seconds of Kylie advertising her products,” one person commented on the video, “I thought this was going to be more realistic, she is just promoting herself or her family,” another commenter noted.

Another fan commented, “Question: ‘What’s in my bag’… Answer: Everything I want you to buy.’”

Fans discussed the video on Reddit as well, with one Redditor noting, “I rolled my eyes the second she pulled out the first Kylie product. I knew this would be one giant advertisement and it was.”

They continued, “And ok, MAYBE this is really what’s in her bag. But idk, I can’t help but wonder that it’s not genuine… I highly doubt she ONLY carries her products from Kylie Cosmetics. Show me the random stuff in your bag like the rest of us. Throw in a snack or crinkled up tissue too, idk.”