Kylie Jenner’s Glamorous License Photo Has Fans Suspicious She Had a Crew

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that there is no such thing as a good driver’s license photo. While celebrities might want to hide their licenses to keep from revealing information like their real names, they also want to avoid showing off those unflattering pictures. This is why Kylie Jenner‘s recently revealed license photograph has fans suspicious. 

Instead of the typical glassy-eyed stare with poor lighting and a bad complexion most of us get, Jenner is carrying around a card with a photograph that looks like it was professionally shot. Did she have a makeup and lighting crew with her when she got it taken?

Kylie Jenner is careful about her appearance

Kylie Jenner attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

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Jenner is famous for her success as not only a celebrity TV star but also a makeup mogul. She has been able to amass a fortune, and she can largely thank her lip kits for that.

She first released the kits in November of 2015, and since then she has become an extremely successful businesswoman. Kylie Cosmetics has sold more than $630 million in makeup since its launch

It makes sense that someone whose career is a combination of being seen through reality TV appearances and paid sponsorships as well as creating products to make people look beautiful would care a lot about how she looks. Jenner is known for her meticulous attention to her appearance, and it’s rare to catch her looking anything other than poised and polished. 

Fans are impressed with her gorgeous license photo

Jenner posted a picture of her driver’s license photograph on Instagram, and that definitely got fans’ attention. The comments filled up with positive notes. One fan called Jenner “one hotttt mama” while another called her the “Queen of Hollywood.”

The photograph features Jenner with her hair down and draped over one shoulder. She looks directly into the camera with sultry eyes and a slightly pouty mouth. It looks more like a shot for a magazine cover than a driver’s license. 

Plenty of fans noted that it was unusual to look that good in those situations. After all the DMV isn’t exactly known for their flattering lighting conditions! One commenter joked that she was “big mad that she even looks good in her driver[‘]s license photo.” Others echoed the sentiment of jealousy over Jenner’s flawless appearance. 

Some are suspicious of Kylie Jenner’s photograph

While there were plenty of people posting compliments on the photograph, some fans were suspicious about just how good Jenner looks. Jenner has long been under scrutiny for her changing looks with many fans believing she uses Photoshop to alter her appearance on Instagram.

Plenty of people have taken to social media to suggest that Jenner must have had some extra help with her when the photo was taken. Fans suggested she had a ring light and possibly even a lighting crew to get the shot just right. 

Now, however, there is an even deeper accusation that the photograph has been altered. Cosmopolitan reports that there is evidence the photo Jenner posted has been Photoshopped. Jenner had actually already posted a photograph of her driver’s license back in December of 2019, and a close inspection reveals that the newer post has some subtle changes.

The newer version appears to have been darkened and sharpened. Her nose has been made to look a little wider, and her lips have been darkened to appear a little fuller. Her eyebrows also look a bit thicker, and her eyes pop more dramatically in the latest post. 

Some of the differences could simply be different lighting when Jenner snapped the picture of the card, but it does add even more fuel to the fire for critics who think Jenner is overly concerned with her own looks.