‘La Casa de Papel’: Will There Ever Be a ‘Money Heist’ Plot Outside of Spain?

Crime thriller Money Heist continues to captivate viewers, and while many fans are still recovering from the heartbreaking death of a fan favorite, thoughts are already on season 5.

No, Netflix hasn’t confirmed the next installment yet, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from wondering about future storylines. Once the gang wiggles out of their current predicament, what’s next?

Money Heist/La Casa de Papel is full of drama, suspense, action, and adventure, but will the show ever attempt a heist in another famous location outside of Spain’s borders?

'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist'
‘La Casa de Papel,’ also known as ‘Money Heist’ | Tamara Arranz/Netflix

The series has been to a few international places

So far, our thieves have only launched schemes at the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain, which are obviously both located in Spain. While the “crimes” brought the team together, to escape and/or outwit the authorities, they’ve had to go abroad.

Raquel and Professor hunkered down in Thailand, Nairobi and Helsinki chilled in Argentina, Tokyo and Rio were in Panama, and at one point, the crew assembled in Italy. They’ve all been around the world. And in part 4, the plot took Marseille to a desert in Algeria.

What ‘La Casa de Papel’ creator Álex Pina says about doing a heist overseas

The beloved Spanish-language series blew up into a global sensation, and the creative team and cast behind Money Heist/La Casa de Papel are still in awe over how well it’s been received. To that end, creator Alex Pina is adamant about the show sticking to its roots.

During an interview with El Mundo, Pina explained why there is so much magic in keeping the story in Spain.

“We have been told that we could dock Fort Knox in the United States. But I think the value of the series is the work in Spain, with the Spanish police, the Spanish humor and the Spanish robbers and their emotions. Which are what makes this a perfect heist.”

He added that the beauty of La Casa de Papel as a heist tale is that it flips the genre from something that is typically cold and rational into one that’s injected with emotion.

“The great achievement of La Casa de Papel is that it has transformed an eminently Anglo-Saxon genre that existed in cinema, which is rationalistic, almost scientific, cold, into something hot, emotional, brutally affective, where emotional plots, love, brotherhood, friendship are almost as important as the plot of the robbery itself. What we have done is Latinize and Spanishize this genre, with which, to renounce our DNA would be to renounce what life has given us.”

Pina also touched on the future of ‘Money Heist’

The possibility of spinoffs and additional seasons has been a huge topic within the fan base, and it’s something Pina is willing to discuss. He also told El Mundo that the series can go in many directions.

“Actually, I have always said that the series has a soul and an identity very typical of comics. And I think it has many possibilities, including spinoffs, because all the characters have a possible life outside of heists.”

In previous interviews, Pina and the cast of Money Heist shared that he typically writes the episodes as the story moves and not in advance.

Knowing that, he’s not sure how everything will end up for Tokyo, Professor, Helsinki, Palermo, Denver, Rio, Stockholm, Lisbon, Bogota, and Marseille, but he said it’s possible they will hit all the hot spots in Spain that secure something of value.

With gold and money already checked off, perhaps a museum is next. Watch all seasons of Money Heist now on Netflix.