La La Anthony Cooked Up a ‘Magic’ Hair Potion in Her Kitchen That She Just Launched for $55

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative industries today. Celebrities recognize this, which is why many of them are launching haircare, skincare, or makeup brands. In the past few years, A-listers are even getting in on the success of this industry and getting a share of the pie.

A recent addition to this group is La La Anthony. The Think Like a Man actor, who rose to fame as an MTV VJ, recently launched a haircare product that retails for $55. After doing extensive research, Anthony cooked up the “magic” product in her kitchen. But don’t worry; the final version is produced in a more normal way.

La La Anthony has launched her first hair product: Inala Power Potion

La La Anthony poses for pictures at the STARZ Series "BMF" World Premiere
Actor and mogul La La Anthony | Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Celebrities who create beauty or skincare lines love giving a backstory about how they were inspired to create their product. Although the items usually undergo several changes and are perfected over time, it helps fans relate to the stars.

Anthony’s hair care line Inala Power Potion has a similar story. Now, it’s a well-tested and perfected product available for purchase and large-scale use. But the 39-year-old came up with it as an experiment.

According to Us, Anthony first made the concoction in her kitchen by accident. Speaking to the publication, She revealed that before the pandemic happened, she relied heavily on extensions, weaves, and braids.

“I realized that I was never paying attention or taking care of my real hair or my natural hair,” she explained. So the Power actor went on a mission to stop hair breakage and grow her hair back. Anthony went down TikTok and YouTube rabbit holes looking for a permanent solution. Then she discovered rice water.

Anthony’s secret ingredient wasn’t initially pleasing

Once Anthony realized that rice water was the answer to her hair problems, she began making it on her own. “I was like, ‘This is a magic formula and it really works.’ The problem is when you ferment the rice yourself at home,” she explained to Us. “It’s all great until 24 hours go by and you start smelling the craziest smell in your kitchen that you’ve ever smelled.”

However, the results were too hard to ignore. Anthony hoped to share her discovery with the world. The star decided to bottle the magical benefits of rice water to help her customers ditch the nasty smell and the labor that went into applying a DIY method.

She sought a manufacturer and created a scentless formula ensuring everything in the potion was 100% rice water, and thus her hair care line, Inala, was born. According to Anthony, the formula leaves one’s hair shiny but not greasy. It will show visible results after one bottle, according to Anthony.

The actor insists that consistency is key when it comes to her product. However, she says that you really can’t go wrong with regular usage. Anthony claims the product has multiple uses and can be used at any time and on the go because “it’s literally like water.”

La La Anthony joins many celebrities with beauty lines

Celebrities always look flawless and polished. When they launch a skincare, hair, or cosmetics line, fans jump on it, hoping to achieve a similar perfect finish. Celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross (Pattern Beauty), Taraji P Henson (TBH by Taraji), Jennifer Aniston (Lola Vie), and Jonathan Van Ness (JVN Haircare) all have product lines that seek to help people achieve healthy hair.

Others A-list stars, like Lady Gaga (Haus Laboratories), Selena Gomez, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham, have opted to create makeup and skincare lines.

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