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One year after the debut of their award-winning film, A Star is Born, there are still rumors swirling about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s relationship. In the stunning drama, directed by Cooper — Gaga stared as Ally, a struggling musician who has a chance encounter with famed rock musician Jackson Maine (Cooper). As the duos love blossoms, so does Ally’s career. However, Jackson’s demons and addictions threaten to topple everything they’ve built. 

A Star Is Born was one of the most talked-about movies of the year, and in addition to being praised for their performances and their vocals — fans and critics also noticed the electric chemistry that Gaga and Cooper shared

Things were elevated even further after their dazzling performance a the 2019 Academy Awards. Though Cooper was still in a relationship with model, Irina Shayk, his daughter’s mother –fans were convinced that something sultry was happening between him and this co-star. Now, Gaga is finally setting the record straight about her relationship with Cooper and where it stands today.

There has never been anything romantic between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

In a recent interview for Elle, the singer/actress was interviewed by the legendary Oprah Winfrey. The iconic journalist was quick to ask Gaga the tough questions. She also explained that she’s spent some time with Cooper and asked him about the relationship rumors as well. Winfrey said,

He said if they had been true, he never would have been able to look at you in the eye sitting at the piano. He said his Catholic guilt would have never let him be able to look you in the eye at that piano. How did you feel about all that at the time. You handled it so well.

Gaga echoed Cooper in saying the pair have a connection but it’s never been romantic. “I mean, we made a love story,” she explained to Winfrey. “For me, as a performer and as an actress, of course, we wanted people to believe that we were in love.”

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper orchestrated their magnetic Oscars performance

We all wanted to believe that something steamy was happening between the musician and the actor after their Oscar’s performance of “Shallow” –but that’s exactly what they were hoping for. Gaga revealed,

We wanted people to feel that love at the Oscars. We wanted it to go through through the lens of the camera and to every television that it was being watched on. And we worked hard on it, we worked for days. We mapped the whole thing out — it was orchestrated as a performance.

Will Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper start dating soon?

At present, both Gaga and Cooper and single. The Fame songstress ended her short fling with sound engineer Dan Horton in October 2019. Meanwhile, Cooper and his daughter’s mother, Shayk went their separate ways in early summer 2019. However, Gaga and Cooper have no plans of getting romantic. Cooper told People earlier this year

I made a friend for life. As great as this movie was, the thing that I think I’ll take away forever is the relationship I have with her because she is an incredible person. I’m very lucky to have worked with her.

However, there might be a chance to see these two together on-screen again. Rumors are swirling that they are both in talks to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. where their characters would play love interests.