Lainey Wilson Lived in a Bumper-Pull Camper For 3 Years While Launching Her Country Career

Lainey Wilson is an up-and-coming name in country music. She is known for her hit song “Things a Man Oughta Know” and her collaboration with Cole Swindell on the single “Never Say Never.” Wilson has even received three nominations at the CMT Music Awards.

However, Wilson’s success was not handed to her. She worked hard to get to where she is, and she even lived in a bumper-pull camper for three years while launching her career. 

Lainey Wilson performing on stage
Lainey Wilson | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

How Lainey Wilson’s career got started

Wilson is from Baskin, Louisiana, a small town of only 300 people. Her father was a farmer, and growing up in a farming family has surprisingly helped Wilson learn how to survive in the cutthroat music industry. “You get up every single day, rain or shine. It don’t matter,” she told Bayou Life Magazine.

“And I think this is really with anything in life. You plant it, you water it, you watch it grow. A tornado or a hurricane could roll through and wipe it all away. But at the end of the day, if it’s your livelihood, if it’s what you love, and if it’s the only thing you know how to do, then dammit you figure it out.”

Wilson has loved music since a young age, and she performed a lot around her hometown. After graduating high school, Wilson decided to move to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

Lainey Wilson lived in a bumper-pull camper for three years

Being from a small town, Wilson had to start from scratch in Nashville. She left Baskin in a camper trailer. “I had never really driven on an interstate … I just went and was kind of thrown into it,” she said to Bayou Life.

According to The Boot, she lived in her camper for three years while trying to make it big in Music City. Fortunately for Wilson, she did have a family friend who allowed her to put her camper on their land, and the land had a recording studio where she could make music.

Still, no matter how tough life was, Wilson did not give up. “Roll your sleeves up. Don’t take no for an answer. You can’t have a plan B; if you have a plan B, then Plan A is not going to work,” she shared.

Lainey Wilson wants to make raw, honest music

Many artists understand that sometimes the music industry wants to put them into a box. However, Wilson is determined to always make music that is true to herself.

“The truth sets you and everybody else around you free,” she said, adding, “Telling the truth is hard. It really is hard. Because you’re scared about how people are going to take it, or you’re scared to admit it yourself.”

Wilson admires country artists who are not afraid to be themselves, such as Eric Church and Dolly Parton. She explained:

“They are who they are; they just say it like it is. And I love that about people. Even if it makes your skin crawl a little bit. At least it’s making you feel something at the end of the day.”

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