Larsa Pippen Admits Her Ex, Scottie Pippen, Did Not Approve of Her Friendship With the Kardashians

A once quiet Larsa Pippen is holding no punches in opening up about what she says the cause of her rift with the Kardashian family. Pippen blames Kanye West for her current estrangement with Kim Kardashian West. She says she’s hurt because she did not allow her NBA champion ex, Scottie Pippen, to come in between her and Kim’s friendship despite Scottie not agreeing with Larsa’s relationship with the reality television star and her family.

Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen
Scottie Pippen and Larsa Pippen | Bobby Metelus/Getty Images

Larsa Pippen says Kanye West did not want Kim Kardashian West to be friends with her

Pippen was close to the Kardashian clan for over a decade. She often appeared ont heir E! reality series and took lavish vacations with the family, sharing many moments on social media. But over the summer, all of the Kardashians unfollowed Pippen on social media pages. Pippen says Kanye is part of the reason.

She revealed such in an interview with Hollywood Raw podcast.

“I feel like Kanye was in a place where he really didn’t trust anyone with Kim and I feel like he was like ‘don’t be so close to her’ because I was really close to her. I feel like that had something to do with it,” she says.

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She also says she believes Kanye brainwashed the Kardashian family to turn on her.

“He literally has brainwashed the whole family into thinking that – I don’t even know,” Pippen says. 

She says things between her and Kanye became strange when she chose to stop answering the rapper and fashion mogul’s late-night phone calls.

“He used to call me at 4 and 5 and 6 in the morning and I would be the person that would take his calls and I would listen to him rant and I would be like ‘I love you, you’re the best…things will get better,’” she says.

She continues: “I was his go to person to call when he was unhappy about x, y, and z. Maybe because I blocked his calls because I couldn’t bear to take his calls anymore. I was like ‘I can’t.’ Because I’m drained. So I blocked his number on his phone. Obviously, that upset him because he turned it into ‘Oh she’s this and she’s that.’”

Lasra Pippen admits her ex-husband, Scottie Pippen, did not approve of her friendship with the Kardashians

In the same interview, Pippen opens up about when her marital troubles with her ex-husband began. She says the two rarely spent time together and she became unhappy.

She also admits that her ex was no fan of her hanging with the famous family, confirming years-long rumors that Scottie allegedly felt the Kardashians negatively influenced his wife separating herself from their marriage.

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“Scottie was not happy about my relationship with them,” she says. “Scottie didn’t want me to take my kids over to their house. We had issues like that too and I was strong enough where I was like, I’m not going to let you dictate what I do. I’m just not that person.”

Scottie first filed for divorce from Larsa in 2016 amid her spending tons of time with the Kardashians. The couple reconciled before Larsa filed paperwork to end their marriage at the end of 2018. The couple share four children and Larsa says they are in a good place as friends.