Laura Ingraham’s Net Worth and Salary Is Probably Higher Than You Think

Whether you love her or loathe her, conservative firebrand Laura Ingraham has a talent for getting the public’s attention. As a very popular TV show host on Fox News, Ingraham not only survives controversy, but she even courts it.

In fact, you could almost say that upsetting people is her brand. Taking a look at her net worth, it seems that her approach is working for her — even if it’s not working for everyone.

Laura Ingraham is the author of several books

Laura Ingraham speaks onstage
Laura Ingraham | Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Ingraham has penned a number of books, many of which have hit the New York Times Best Seller list. The themes of these books echo the conservative talking points from her television and radio shows. She’s produced such books as Shut Up & Sing, which attacks the “Hollywood elites” and the UN, accusing them of subverting the United States. 

Another book she wrote, The Obama Diaries, is a series of fictional entries from then-president Obama’s diary, theoretically exposing his true thought processes and plans for America. As you might expect, her imaginings of the inner workings of his mind were not flattering. 

Despite the many books she sold, Ingraham could not be considered beloved by all. The people who disagree with her range from famous basketball stars to her own brother. 

She has a knack for stirring up controversy

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Ingraham has been at the center of a firestorm more than once. Most recently, according to, she’s been accused of hypocrisy because of her response to a sports star speaking out. In 2018, NBA stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant criticized President Trump.

Ingraham, who is a big fan of the president, lambasted them for their comments, saying that they should stay away from political commentary and “shut up and dribble.” 

However, NFL athlete Drew Brees recently raised eyebrows with his comment that he “will never agree” with NFL players who peacefully protest by taking a knee during the national anthem. This time, her response to an athlete’s political commentary was different. “He’s allowed to have his view… He’s a person, he has some worth,” she said. James responded angrily on Twitter, and many people objected to her double standard.

Among her many critics is Ingraham’s own brother, Curtis Ingraham. Curtis says that his sister was taught her most offensive views by their father, saying that, according to NBS News, he “was a Nazi sympathizer, racist, anti-Semite and homophobe.”

As a gay man, Curtis felt that he couldn’t keep silent about his sister’s anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, and he started criticizing her publicly in 2018, saying, “she’s a monster.”

There’s no question that Ingraham is a darling of conservative media. Her views may be considered extreme, but she’s found an audience that responds enthusiastically, and this skill has made her very rich throughout the years.

While there are people who will never agree with what she has to say, it seems unlikely that their protests are going to start bothering her any time soon. 

Laura Ingraham has earned more than you may have expected

Ingraham may not be a Hollywood star, but she earns the kind of money usually associated with A-list actors. With roughly $70 million to her name according to Celebrity Net Worth, she’s worth nearly as much as legendary journalist Katie Couric

Ingraham works hard for her paycheck. She hosts the news show The Ingraham Angle on Fox, and she’s also the editor on a conservative website she helped found, Lifezette. On top of that, she has a popular radio show, The Ingraham Show.

Together, all of these enterprises earn her $15 million annually. But it isn’t just her salary that’s adding to her bottom line.