Lauren London on Why Finding Love Again After Nipsey Hussle’s Death Isn’t Realistic For Her

It’s been three years since Nipsey Hussle’s shocking death. The rapper was gunned down at the age of 33, leaving behind a beautiful partner in ATL star Lauren London, and a blended family. London has been focused on motherhood and healing, and she says when it comes to another romantic life, she doesn’t foresee one in her future.  

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London at basketball game; London says finding love again since Hussle's death isn't a priority
Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Lauren London shares how her perspective on relationships changed after Nipsey Hussle’s death

In a rare interview with Angie Martinez on her In Real Life podcast, London opened up about her life with Hussle and how she’s been handling grief since his passing. When asked where she stands now on love and romantic relationships, London was clear that it’s not a priority or even a desire. 

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“I think many of them [relationships] are ego-driven, and they’re not pure,” she told the host. “So why would I take myself in this vulnerable state into my ego when I’m trying to get out of it? I’m in death of the ego space. Why do I need another? Why? Does that mean I’m not complete? Does that mean I’m not on purpose?”

The actor elaborates on why she doesn’t feel the need to find love again after losing Nipsey Hussle

Martinez told London that many listeners would be shocked by London’s answer regarding her love life moving forward. The 37-year-old didn’t have any trouble elaborating, noting that the type of love she experienced with Hussle is something that’s once in a lifetime.  

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“We had pure love, but that does not mean that our egos did not get attached in aspects of our relationship. But we definitely had pure love, always good intention,” the Without Remorse star said firmly. She continued, adding: 

I didn’t think about it until I wasn’t in a relationship anymore because of the death. A lot of times we are such in our ego that we are in possession of another person. We’re not experiencing them, we’re not totally loving them and letting them be free. We think we’re supposed to be together forever, and that’s not a spiritual relationship. A spiritual relationship is without the ego. We are together, I bring you up and inspire you, and you inspire me. If there ever comes a point where am not inspired anymore and now I’m in my ego, and now I feel I need to possess you, now I feel the need to control you, and you’re mine then I’m in my ego. And that’s not love. There’s love in there, but now I’m operating in my ego and not in my pure love.

What she says she’s hopeful for in the remainder of her life

After experiencing such a loss, London’s focus is different. While she enjoys acting, she only takes on projects that she feels truly help others. She’s more interested in working creatively behind the camera and stays away from industry politics.

More than anything, London is busy providing a happy home for her two children. She aims to achieve peace and be kind and helpful to everyone she encounters. 

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