Lauren London Reveals How She Told Her Children About Nipsey Hussle’s Death

Nipsey Hussle died in 2019, and his long-term partner Lauren London’s journey since then has been an admitted rollercoaster. The Without Remorse star not only has to process her grief after Nipsey Hussle’s death, but also the emotions of her children. She recently opened up about how she told her children about Hussle’s death and how she aids in their healing.

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle pose for photo; London broke the news to her children about Hussle's death
Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Lauren London reveals how her children have been coping since Nipsey Hussle’s death

Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle have one son, Kross, who is now 5. She has a son Kameron Carter with rapper Lil Wayne, and Hussle has a daughter Emani from a previous relationship. They blended their families during their years together.

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In a recent interview on Angie Martinez’s In Real Life podcast, London revealed how she’s helping her children handle life since Hussle’s death.

“Theirs [grief] shows up in different ways. Kids internalize everything until they get in their teens, so I’m sure — I’m trying my best to help them cultivate how to deal with their emotions as best as I can through therapy,” she explained. “And I try to be the best example. They see me meditate. They come with me on my spiritual retreats.” 

When asked whether they enjoy the retreats, London explained they’re indifferent but that their oldest probably could do without them.

“They’re really young still. I’m sure Kam is over it,” she said. “Or any type of church, anything that I do that feeds my soul, I share with them because I feel like I don’t know where they’re going to go with their life. But [they’ll say] ‘I remember my mom was angry or stressed and she did this’ or ‘Let me try that.’ They’re doing great, much better now. And I just love on them so hard.”

Lauren London on how she told her children about Nipsey Hussle’s death

Lauren London’s children were 8 and 2 when Nipsey Hussle died. Kameron even spoke at the public memorial. She told Martinez that she felt responsible for breaking the news to them. “I was the one who had to break the news to them. No one could have done that for me. I had to do that,” the ATL star explained.

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A retreat she’d been on years prior is something she relied on for the conversation.

“In my previous years, I went to a seminar about death, and I learned that no one really dies and that it’s just an experience in the physical form and we’re attached to our personalities, and we’re just souls, and we continue on. And if you have a spiritual relationship with someone on Earth, you will have one with them when you leave Earth,” she explained.

She said the experience helped in a way to prepare her for the difficult conversation she had with her children.

“It gave my language to talk to my kids about,” she said. “So, I say the words transitioned, and I always say, ‘Daddy is everywhere … he feels us, we feel him, and anytime there’s something you want to say, you might not hear him, but you’ll feel it, and follow that guidance and write letters or talk to him.’”

Her kids motivate her to keep going

London admitted that grief is a journey and some days are better than others. While she feels ready to give up some days, she said she looks to her children for motivation.

Now, she’s focused on continuing to cultivate more family time and hone in on peace. While she’s back to work, she’s very selective about which projects she takes on as her home life is most important. 

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